Different color straps


Hi there. Radin here.
Hope we can buy different color straps in the future. I choose all black straps for my goTenna pair during the Kickstarter. But when i start using it, i felt it would be better if the strap were of different color so as not bring the wrong goTenna for me and my wife.


Yes, that’s why our standard SKUs are different colors. :slight_smile: If there was enough demand we could sell the straps on their own or in different colors. Let’s see what other people think!


I’d buy a pack of different color straps.


Yes, please :slight_smile:
Straps are breakable, so spares are useful.
Nylon straps would be even better :slight_smile:


This is funny. I literally came to the forum tonight with the sole intention of suggest different color straps. I am not joking in the least. As a temporary solution I attached a bobble to the strap of my personal Gotenna.

@R-Man Great minds think alike!


I’ll second the nylon straps idea. The strap material seems like it might not hold up to the elements.


My silicone Mesh straps seem to be pretty darn sturdy. What kind of situations do you think they’d be weak in? BTW, v1 goTenna came with nylon straps and they were fine but I like the look of the new silicone ones on Mesh a lot more…

That being said, I’d buy extra straps too just in case. I wonder if goTenna might also be able to come up with entirely different form factors for attachment using the two “pins” (on either side of Mesh) that currently hold in the silicone straps… you know, maybe special straps for “hanging” stationary Meshies or ones you can stick on a wall or window?


Different colour straps would great and a suction cup for a window maybe? The suction cup could utilise the strap pin on the front maybe?


DEF YES TO THE STRAPS IDEA!!! I broke one of mine.


Extra straps are here y’all! You asked for them!!


Now we just need some new special colors :slight_smile:
Maybe pink, dark blue, Red Cross, CERT Green, etc.


I just found out about this from the Thanksgiving email. I’m in for a set.


I got my new colored straps. I’m very happy since I can now tell the difference between my devices. They are very easy to remove and replace. I’ll keep the extra for backups.

Thanks @danielagotenna, @Rahul_Subramany “and the rest.” (nod to Gilligan’s island)


Is this in old link? I would love to buy a set of straps.

Update: thank you but that link just takes me back to the main page and I’ve already searched there with no success on how to buy another set of straps. Guess I’ll just wait till someone fixes it.


We’re currently sold out!