Force a GoTenna Mesh into Pairing Mode


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I have this exact same question. I am unable to pair with one of my mesh units (I have three). The problem unit does not go into pairing mode after powering on. How do I force it into pairing mode?

I’ve read someone claim, “If a paired phone is not in range a unit acts as if it is unpaired…” which is not the case. Even when I disable bluetooth on all my phones, the problem device does not act as if unpaired. It’s acting as if paired, but I have no clue what/where it’s paired to.


I think all you need to do is to follow the instructions in the App to put the goTenna into relay mode. That makes it unpaired by default. Then to pair with another phone follow the instructions further on how to Deactivate Relay Mode, as that results in putting it into pairing mode. Then you can pair with whatever phone you choose.


When you turn the goTenna Mesh on, do you see the light pulsing? Is the device it was previously paired to nearby and on?

You can set up a goTenna Mesh in relay mode without unpairing first.

Send me a DM with more info and I’ll make sure we can get that goTenna Mesh up and running.



3 of my GoTenna Mesh units are working without a hitch. The last one (orange) won’t pair or go into relay node state. It is charged up. When I hold the on button for 3 second then release the white light goes on steady, not flashing then goes off. A few seconds later it goes on steady again. If I hold the button down longer the white light flashes about 5 times then stops, then goes on steady white.

Any ideas what to do?



When did this start to happen? Right out of the box? After a recharge? Give us anything of note. I have one theory but I would like to know more about when it started.


Straight out of the box, onto the charger. Then on. Was attempting to set up a relay node straight up.


My theory which was a longshot anyway was a possible firmware issue. This looks like a problem for @VirginiagoTenna or @Rahul_Subramany.


Thanks for thinking around it anyway. Much obliged.


Hey! Going to DM you to help with this!


My particular problems with sometimes one, sometimes two, of my goTenna Mesh devices appears to be symptomatic of changing which phone I have paired to the Mesh.

Points of background:

  • I have three Mesh devices (one blue, one green, and an orange)

  • I use them, usually, on two phones – my wife’s and mine; both Android based (I keep the third Mesh device unpaired from my phones, generally. It’s prospective use is for a friends’ use, or maybe a repeater when camping). I’ve often used the third Mesh just because I couldn’t get ‘mine’ to pair.

  • I don’t use these things very often, they’ve spent most of their time powered off in a box near my backpacking and skiing equipment

  • When I do charge them up in prep for use, I have yet to have a seconds long “power on -> throb -> pair -> go” experience – I end up futzing with unparing and bluetooth resets for stupid lengths of time to get a functionig set of two devices on two phones

  • I do not normally leave my bluetooth on when I’m not actively using it on any of my phones or tablets. My wife does, but hers has been no more reliable than my Mesh pairings

I do follow the directions for power on/off cadence. Granted I use these things sparingly, but I have more “screw it! I’ll just use the orange one that wants to pair with something,” vs. “wow, this Blue one works just like it should have when I used it last on my phone” experiences. The later is probably a wishful projection as I don’t think I’ve actually had that happen. As I stated to open this thread, I often get into a state where, after Mesh power on, it is not paired to my devices (the app animates looking for device)AND will not go into pairing mode. I suppose I’m getting into these states because of my multiple devices. I do want a way to force the Mesh dongle device into paring mode.


Not true, when my problem device was not powering on into pairing mode, forcing relay mode did not force it to become unpaired.


Hey! I’m going to DM you for some more information on this!


Nailed it. pear%202


Can you share the process?


Step 1: Copy
Step 2: Paste


Hello Virginiagotenna,

I have the same problem. Can you post how to fix or update firmware? Can’t tell how it was fixed from stream above.



Should have put more info:

Just got 4 units yesterday.

3 out of 4 units, work great. Can pair or unpair with different iPhones.

The last one - try to put it in pairing mode, it blinks then starts blinking/pulsing slowly. If you then select pair on a phone, it does nothing and eventually comes up with the “having trouble” screen. Tried different IPhones and no luck.

Not sure if this is the same unit, but I had one unit that insisted on a firmware update, and then failed the update. It hasn’t asked again to update.

Any help would be appreciated as we leave on a trip in 2 days and need all 4 running.



Essentially, the white led is just fast blinking and it won’t pair.


To confirm your firmware is up-to-date, or to update your firmware version, take the following steps:

Select ‘Settings’ from the Side Menu.

Select ‘About’.

If you need to update your firmware, you’ll see a blue button to update the firmware. Tap the blue button.

If you don’t need to update your firmware, you’ll see the latest firmware version listed with no blue action button.

Currently, the latest firmware for goTenna Mesh is version 0.13.48.


Sent you a DM to help with pairing!