goTenna Mesh Network Map ( features & enhancements


@dbfish love the idea of a bluetooth mesh.


Introducing exciting changes to!

  • See more of your favorite nodes on the Mesh Network map, thanks to a sleeker top navigation bar.
  • Easily distinguish between Area Nodes & Stationary Relay Nodes via the redesigned Pin markers.
  • Easily engage with your Mesh Community on Mobile devices via an all new, re-imagined mobile Menu & Navigation experience.

Hurry over to and let us know what you think!


It looks beautiful! Congrats @michaelryap and @Rahul_Subramany :slight_smile:
Here’s what LA & Seattle look like tonight:


Saw these changes today and really love it!

One thing I would love is a “current location” button. It is really annoying to me that every time I open the map (in my case I have it saved to my iphone home screen so it looks like an app), I am refreshed to the middle of Oklahoma and I have to either search for my location or swipe around until Tucson is in view. It should really be a one button tap, and at most an agreement to let the browser use my location.


Current location should show up as long as you’ve given the site permission
to access your location. If you have and it’s not working it may be because
your ISP locates you somewhere you’re not. (For instance, I live in
Brooklyn NY but when I access from home it always shows me
somewhere in East NJ, haha! It locates me right in Brooklyn when I’m at
the office though — different ISP)


Very nice update!

In a future update it would be helpful to be able to draw the range on the map vs. have it radiate from a centerpoint (allow both options really).

In urban or hilly areas the range may differently drastically one way or another.


Weird, no matter if I’m on 4G, or wifi at my place or wifi at a local coffee shop, etc it always defaults to somewhere near the border of OK and KS.


@adamleedy same here!



I’m liking the new map, but my FireFox keeps crashing. Linux Mint 18.1.


We do not test Firefox on Linux. Have you been able to use any other browsers?


I’m not too concerned about it. It’s likely due to the 20 tabs I have open. I only mentioned it to see if anyone else was having a similar issue. It’s sporadic when it crashes.


I would like to see a small area on the map showing the total mesh population and another with red numerals showing total number of stationary nodes. We could monitor the numbers and see it change from day today.
Ken - W4KLP


@Ken agreed!
It will be cool to see how node densities change over time.



I am in the midst of planning new features & enhancements that we will be adding to imeshyou. If you have any ideas to share, I would love to discuss it in detail over the phone. Please leave me a DM, so that I can follow up with you.

@MrTSolar @teramitsu @Turnerb @kb1eea @Kotuku @Klimber @adamleedy @scotchlover @FoI6euqC @Mark @dbfish @disposablename @Ken


Idea: Simple way to toggle between base station and tied to a specific phone.

One of our units stays at home so my wife can power it up if there’s an emergency. To keep things simple, it is already paired with her phone. It would be nice to leave it set up as a base station since emergency events are so rare. Ideally, she’d just open the app and flip a toggle that tells the unit to switch from base station to paired mode. Going through the full blown pairing steps when there is a crisis is user unfriendly.


Do you mean on top of what we already have suggested or more to flesh out what we already have suggested?


@scotchlover both.
Would love to flesh out what you have already suggested as well.


I think you posted in the wrong thread. This thread is about the node map site, not the GoTenna Mesh itself.

Regardless, simply leave the Mesh on. Whether a phone is connected or not doesn’t affect the ability to relay other messages or receive messages for the paired phone (messages intended for the paired phone are stored in the Mesh unit and then they get sent to the app when the phone connects). I gave one of my units to my friend and it is set up exactly like this. It’s primarily a stationary node (attempting solar in an East-facing window), but it connects to his phone when close so he can receive messages sent to him. At least on iOS, if you close the app in the app switcher, then the Mesh will stay disconnected from the phone.


Rahul you have my email, and probably phone already, but the short list:

  • Button to send a message (via forums DM?) to node owners on map (“Hey is this on? We’re starting a city wide test, etc”)
  • A GID field in node database and on map, with yes/no if mesh is paired to phone or not. I can ping a GID paired to a phone to determine range of a paired node, I can’t ping a unpaired relay.
  • A field for “Height above ground” :wink:
  • Selector to turn range circle on or off for all visible nodes