goTenna Mesh SDK talk



Starting this dedicated thread to talk about the goTenna SDK.
Post your questions regarding the Mesh SDK here!

How many of you are Amateur Radio operators?

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Has anyone done any goTenna SDK work with a cross platform development environment like Xamarin, Unity (unlikely but that would be really awesome), or Apache Cordova?

I would love to see some samples in GitHub somewhere where someone has already done the hard parts of getting basic functionality working on both iOS and Android without having two different code bases.


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Would it be possible to get the source code to the SDK? so I can look to port it over to other languages?


@Guy at this time, we have no plans to release the source code.
For the future, what other languages should we support?


If you supported Python then you’d capture lots the hardware hackers.

I’d also like to Arduino.


+1 for Python. Its like the new ‘BASIC’. Perfect language for this and pretty much native to Raspberry Pi and Mac, but of course before you do that, you need to make the SDK run on something other than just iOS and Android. I would really like to see that happen sooner rather than later.


All, our new goTenna Mesh SDK page is live:

19 PM


I’d really love to see a Windows app.
We’re going to have at least 10 mesh units deployed in the community to start with with a fairly high level node that should have full coverage of the area. While I can run them on my iPads or Android tablets, I have more Windows 10 laptops/tablets (with physical keyboards).
I’d love to be able to have these Windows 10 laptops at the command posts and have all the teams pinging the comand post’s mesh unit every 1-5 minutes to provide updated team locations as well as secure text communications (we use FRS, repeated GMRS, and ham) but the mesh connectivity may prove to be superior to voice communications.


@Turnerb What’re you building?


@LAFD_CERT_Battalion2 We are not planning to launch a Windows app for goTenna Mesh.
To make things easier, have you considered using an Android tablet with a physical keyboard accessory?


Not sure yet, depends on how hard it is :grinning:

Some ideas I have:

  • A follow me application so two people in two cars can see where the other car is and follow them even when traversing locations without cell service

  • An application to split a picture (jpg) into multiple parts, zip them all up, send the individual parts as multiple packages to another device, re-assemble them and display the picture. I expect a small picture would take about an hour to send this way but could be useful for wildlife cameras or remote monitoring situations.

  • A trigger application that would allow a sender and a receiver to start a IFTTT (If This Then That) flow or control some home automation devices. I am picturing there being situations where you are too far away from your house for Wifi but maybe close enough for a goTenna where you could do things like turn on the house lights, change the thermostat settings, etc…

Those are just some idea’s off the top of my head. As I mentioned before, getting the goTenna to connect to a computer (Windows, Mac, Raspberry Pi) would be ideal for some of these situations. I believe you could sell a bunch more of these units if you would enable that. I am curious why enabling the goTenna to talk to a computer is hard? Most computers have USB or bluetooth, so it seems like its just a matter of establishing a connection and knowing what to do with it.

How to send Photos and Binaries via goTenna

windows Iot [runs on Raspberry PI], Python, Webpy, CC++.

Make the serial stream available, would not need to worry about which language to use.


That would require me getting either another Android tablet or a keyboard for one of my existing mini-tablets. Neither of which interetsts me considering all the systems I currently own.


I requested access to the iOS SDK and I received a token, but no instructions of how to download the SDK.


@Rahul_Subramany is your point-person


@Rahul_Subramany Thoughts?


Oh yes!!! Psyched to dig in


@LAFD_CERT_Battalion2 makes sense. Unfortunately, Android emulators for windows, do not support Bluetooth. Else, that would have been an option.


@Richard1 the email you received should have the below info:

Software can be obtained at this Github repository: