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Good idea.
Another option we are considering - create a USB SDK for Mesh. That will allow development on any IoT platform including Raspberry PI. What do you think @kb1eea

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Hello all. Referred over here by @danielagotenna. @amon and I are brainstorming some ideas and she suggested we tag in here too.


I would think that usb connection [direct tethering] would have fewer problems. Bluetooth has to go through more layers to get out to the user.



Thanks Rahul. It wasn’t in the original email.


Would there be a way to create a point to multipoint model where all devices in a mesh could receive the same information in a push manner? I am thinking in emergency operations, where an all points alert might need to be pushed quickly to people in the field. I can route one to one over the network, but could there be a one to many, with the redundancy of the mesh network ensuring everyone received the message? This could potentially work in with the idea some people are suggesting about block chain, where essentially a device tacks it’s identifier on the end of the message, and any device which doesn’t see it’s block in the chain accepts and displays the message, and relays it to any connected device and back to the original sender. The sending end could ultimately know if everyone received the message by reading the block chain which arrives back.


@Rahul_Subramany Can you speak to this question?


@Turnerb talking to a computer over USB is not hard at all. Getting goTenna Mesh to respond to commands over USB is something we need to implement on our end.


@EmergentechRDI an early version of this approach (without acknowledgments) has been implemented with the Emergency Chat feature for goTenna Mesh. Emergency chat supports meshing - everyone who gets your message, will relay it onwards.


Anyone here build anything with the SDK they want to share yet? Or at least tease us with? :slight_smile:


I just saw you say somewhere else on the board that there’s a USB SDK coming out? When, when, when?


@Rahul_Subramany and I are discussing and hoping to have a beta we can share at MozFest in London at end of October with a public release later on.

Btw will anyone be at MozFest? We’re going to do a 90-minute SDK hackathon!


I have been wondering about this too


+1 on this! Curious to hear what everyone’s been up to. (While admitting that I haven’t had a chance to play with the SDK due to other work projects I’ve been knee-deep in… but soon!)


Just signed up for the SDK. Looks like I need to wait for the USB option. I wanted to setup a webapp that would talk to a mesh unit so that folks without the app could connect to an open wifi and still communicate.


Yes we’re aiming to have USB SDK by year’s end!


Hey fellow Meshers - I have some time set aside now to start building an offline emergency management tool, and wanted to see if anyone would like to help design/code it from the ground up.

@EmergentechRDI , I know you’re busy with your upcoming/current deployment- but I would be happy to incorporate your ideas too! We can create a Slack Channel if that’s most efficient, but I imagine @danielagotenna would like to keep the ideas as visible as possible via this forum. Thoughts?

edit: For clarification- I am most definitely talking about utilizing the SDK for this application.



@amon great initiative.
It will be great if you can discuss ideas in Mesh Community and then continue your conversation in private Slack channels once you begin development.

The goTenna team will be more than happy to help answer any questions you may have using the SDK.


Hi Rahul,

Understood, and I will most definitely follow your suggestion.



@amon this is rad! please keep us posted on how this is going!! what’s your timing for release of a first version? so timely given all that’s going on… now hurricane nate is headed to the gulf!


@amon Would love to hear updates on your app, if any! Also pinging @Jmalave who might have an immediate use-case for your app given the work he’s doing on the ground in Puerto Rico!

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