How is your goTenna Mesh experience?


Greetings fellow Meshers!

I am Rahul, the goTenna Mesh Product Manager.

I care deeply about your goTenna Mesh experience and would love to hear from you on how things are going. Feel free to write about what you like/dislike about Mesh, any new features or improvements you would like to see etc. Also keen to hear about feedback/requests for! :slight_smile:

Android App does not update location

Been, nothing short of amazing so far! But let’s hear from others :slight_smile:


Really smooth BTLE pairing experience. Generally speaking the onboarding screens are a little long - could probably be cut down… I also don’t love being forced to try goTenna Plus even though I know its free and you don’t force anyone to subscribe at the end of it (too many other apps do that). So while its definitely quick to set up, I think it could be even quicker!

Have tested meshing with one hop already… the mesh animation is hard to see and I sorta feel like you dont want to hide the MAGIC OF MESH. My roommate is colorblind & had a particularly hard time but I did too in bright light.

This is all nitpicking just because you asked @Rahul_Subramany! Really excited about all of this - also the hardware is beautiful really like the new form factor versus firstgen GoTenna


Thank you for the feedback.
Who wouldn’t want to see the ‘magic of mesh’ - love the way you describe this!
We will try to address these in upcoming app updates.
As you use goTenna Mesh more, let us know if there are other areas we can improve upon!


It’s been absent. Still waiting for mine to show up!


@n0ssc Thanks for your support & patience! We’re fulfilling orders as quickly as our factory can make them. We started shipping on July 14, and all U.S. & Canada orders will be fulfilled later this month if they haven’t been already.


Quick update! Used goTenna on a trip this weekend and the meshing is a total game-changer! We were spending time around a craggy rock range where we were getting about .4-.5 mi point to point (which was a lot more than our GMRS/FRS radios could do, they were hitting closer to .25 mi) and achieved about 2 mi between 4 nodes (including one I strung on a tree just for experimentation purposes). I will say again: MESHING IS LIKE MAGIC!!!

And when we did line of sight from the top of the range to the place were staying, we got 4ish, 5ish mi. Didn’t try further because who likes walking uphill? (I’m not really an outdoorsy type!)

Range testing results update
I'm the current goTenna Mesh range record holder, AMA!

Wow… seems like you had a fun weekend.
Its great to note that goTenna Mesh got 2X point-to-point range, compared to GMRS/FRS radios. Which GMRS/FRS models did you test against?

How many hops did it take to get the 2 mile range?


Bump. How many hops to get 2mi range? Still waiting for my blue green orange combo to arrive :confused:


@Mark Depends on what the terrain is like in your area, and how you’re using the devices. Range is different in every situation. In certain terrain you could get miles point-to-point without having to mesh, and in other situations you might have to hop 2 to 3 times to get that same range. #lawsofphysics as we like to say :slight_smile:

EDITS: Fixed a typo and added @ to person I was replying to so he definitely sees my reply :slight_smile:


Update: they’ll be here Thursday!


My Mesh experience is getting better all the time! Only going to get better too! Yee haw!


Thanks @danielagotenna


Onboarding in the app worked well, BLE connected without a problem and fast.
The setup experience was a little long, but it didn’t bother me too much, clear explanation of why access to certain things are needed is very good.
I would get rid of the out of focus background image, it’s annoying, I think plane white background is cleaner and clearer. It’s especially bad when reading the TOS. It feels like you don’t want anyone to be able to read that …

I would have liked to start the trial of pro at a later date (when I’ll actually use it), so it was annoying that I didn’t have the choice to do that. I would also start talking about pro at a later point. Right now it feels like I bought pricey hardware, and now I have to pay even more in subscription form to actually use it. Which is entirely not the case. Maybe when I try accessing those features via the app, mention pro and ask me if I want to trial it. That way I already played around with the messaging part and I’m already happy I spend the money on the hardware.

bugreport: can’t seem to download any maps (‘error loading available maps, …’), main map doesn’t update either, just seeing world overview if I zoom out a lot. I’m on a very slow connection, but I do have a connection.

Hardware unboxing was good, cardboard could be a little thicker to give that more expensive feeling, but I was totally happy with it, knowing the hardware in the devices is high quality.
Why is the pull tab on the white box on the bottom though? I open boxes from the top, maybe I’m weird. Pull tab on both sides could be a solution.
Device itself looks great. Edges on the 2 plastic covers could be a little straighter / cleaner / tighter, especially on the bottom. I also would’ve placed the edge gate on the strap in a different location (under the clasp) so the whole strap looks cleaner and more straight. LEDs are nice and bright :+1: Gap of the sonic weld is pretty wide, but that also gives me the feeling that it’s water resistant, since I can see that the seam is actually closed :ok_hand: Also ultrasonic welding is hard. Also theses are very small nitpicky details.

All in all very happy and good experience, can’t wait to test it out more thoroughly!


Thank you for the feedback.
I agree that the plane white background helps a lot when there is other text on the screen. We will incorporate your feedback in the onboarding changes we are implementing in the near future.
Not being able to skip goTenna Plus trial is annoying! We are making this optional in the next update to the goTenna app. Look out for this in early October.

Can you check if the maps loading bug you reported, exists with faster connections? We see this issue only when there is no internet connection.
Appreciate the feedback on packaging and hardware design. We are learning with every new product release!

Keep us posted on what you learn from future tests!


@Jelmer Your feedback is super helpful. I recently joined goTenna as Director of Design. We’re in the midst of redesigning onboarding from start-to-finish. The pain points you mentioned are being addressed, and in some cases, completely rebuilt from scratch. :+1:

EDIT Clarified role at goTenna


Map problem fixed after app restart, not sure what went wrong there. Might have had spotty connection on first try and then consecutive tries kept failing, might have been a first start thing :man_shrugging: Thanks for help!


@Jelmer The packaging was not to our design specs in this first-run, so we got it to a good-enough state given the time we had before we started shipping to all our backers & preorder customers. I agree with you on the nonpremium feel of the v1 Mesh packaging material. Indeed, I just came out of a meeting where we approved new v2 Mesh packaging materials (and design) that we’ll use in our next run of packaging, and as we move into retail channels. :slight_smile:

Will go take photos of v1 v. v2 Mesh packaging and share later today!


OK so here’s a (one-handed, impressive!) goTenna Mesh unboxing video someone just posted on YouTube (I think it’s @Idaho_Fluke based on the similar username!) If you’d prefer photos, here’s what today’s goTenna Mesh packaging looks like:

And here’s the new packaging we just approved for production tooling:

Major changes:

  • Sleeve exterior (as opposed to an annoying box-within-a-box)
  • Graphic elements on exterior are now black instead of dark gray
  • The inside (now only!) box is all-black (instead of white) and made of premium corrugate, with cool UV-spot gloss treatments inside and out (took 2 photos of how our logo changes in the light)
  • Inside is now all-black (again, instead of white); we added a nice mesh UV-spot gloss design — and a smarter way to store cables & showcase setup instructions (in this photo, cables are tied with Scotch tape, but in production this will be black corrugate!):


Nice! glad to hear there’s constant improvement and also happy you decided to ship the first run with this packaging. This is perfect for first run, wasn’t worth delaying shipping.