How is your goTenna Mesh experience?


Yes! that’s exactly what I was looking for. Great improvement! also perfect for retail.

The black plastic insert that goes all the way to the bottom is much better than the white flat plastic insert in the first version


bugreport app android (4.0): resume map downloads: when you start a map download and quit the app while download is still running, when re-opening the app the partial download is gone (this is not necessarily a problem). But when re-adding the same map download it does resume from where it previously stopped. So it looks like partial downloads are just not displayed in the list, which is fine, but they do take up space on your device. fix: display partial downloads, or clean up partial downloads.

feature request: switch between 12h and 24h timestamps in chat window. (ideally check what the user’s system clock is set at and use that one, but still have the option of manually switching)

Is there a better location / thread for bugreports?


@Jelmer the Mesh community and this thread in particular is a good place to report bugs!
What device are you using, iOS/android version?
Map downloads failing when the app is closed is a known bug. Will look into memory management for this.
The goTenna app does follow system settings for 12 vs 24 hr clock. I can investigate this further after I learn what devices you are using.



I got my goTenna recently and I think Jelmer’s feedback is pretty much spot on. The unboxing and setup was pretty painless, though felt a little long. I would’ve definitely liked to start the free trail at a different date, instead of immediately, when setting up my goTenna. The topographical maps look like a nifty feature for the pro version, but it did feel really rushed having to go through that process when initially setting up my new device. Outside of playing around with the app and setting it up, I haven’t had a chance to use my goTenna yet to send messages, but the goTenna does look like it’s well designed/built, so props to you guys for that!


It’s good to hear consistent feedback from you, @Jelmer & @femmesh so far! The good news it we’re fixing half of all this in the next app release (ETA: early Oct.) and hopefully the next app release ~6 weeks after that.

Keep the ideas & feedback coming!


New packaging looks really great!


Bug report: [Android 4.0] not sure about this one, but I think something went wrong with the transparency of the app icon, see screenshot. (Running Android 6.0.1)


Bug report: [Android 4.0, FW 0.13.35]: Battery level jump during charging.
When gotenna mesh is completely discharged (doesn’t turn on, no LED) and I plug it in (red LED on), wait a couple seconds and then turn it on (white LED pulsating). I connect the app and check battery level -> 5%, which seems about right, it’s completely dead so level is very low. After about 5 mins, it’s still at 5%, all good.
But then after 15-ish minutes it’s at 65%, so a big sudden jump. After that it charges more or less linearly to 100% (over a couple hours?).
I made it go through a complete charge and discharge cycle at least twice to make sure the BMS has a good reading on the energy in the battery.
Not sure if there’s the same jump when discharging. Noticed this on one device, not tested on my second device yet.


Copy/pasting relevant portion of @ahvs’ report on how goTenna Mesh did for him on a cruise ship in Alaska recently in another thread so we can add it here where everyone’s sharing their experiences so far:

Awesome proactive response from support

@Jelmer app icon transparency is not a bug. Android versions, render icons in different styles. Our icon was not designed for Android 6.0
We will be fixing the shadow issue in the next app release (scheduled for late September)


If I have a device that has been previously paired to a phone, if I don’t unpair it from that phone in the side menu, will it not relay as intended? Wondering if it will just store messages for the phone, sort of waiting for that to happen… If so, may I suggest a better UI perhaps on the device itself to unpair a Mesh unit without having to go through the menu in the app?



You are correct. It will not relay as intended. It will attempt to store messages and wait for your phone to connect.

Great idea. We are working hard to deliver this feature in late Sept.


How big are the firmware updates on the goTenna mesh? It would be really cool if they could update “through the mesh”, without needing to connect to a phone.

If you have setup a bunch of relays that are not connected to phones, for example, on a hiking trail, it would be nice if they could get updates without someone having to hike up the trail and connect each one and then update them.

On the other hand, I know that all too often a software update breaks things, so maybe its better that they dont update themselves :grinning:


@Turnerb Today, these updates are too large for our Mesh network to support. Nice idea though. In future, we could try to re-structure these updates to minimize file size.

The next few Firmware updates we release will be optional. Your relay units will be backwards compatible & will continue to function, with their existing firmware.


If the mesh is powered off when you unpair the phone from the app, how does the mesh react when powered back on again? I think this could be some of the issues I was seeing with it not relaying


@Idaho_Fluke When powered back on, the device will be ready to relay messages once again.


Backwards compatible :clap:t3: Always good to have this option in the event new firmware is a bit :bug::wink:


Hiya! When is the next goTenna Mesh app update scheduled to land?


@fenmesh the next update is scheduled for the end of September or early October.