How is your goTenna Mesh experience?


I have been testing my gotenna mesh devices for about a week now (still waiting on my third ;). The elevation in my neighborhood varies from street to street and I happen to live on a street that dips in elevation (between 40-50 ft). I didn’t expect much in terms of distance knowing this. Few things that helped me achieve decent distance so far was to elevate the unit. Mesh unit left behind at the house was left on my 2nd floor stair railing paired to old iOS device iPhone 6. I was able to get a .85 distance traveling west of my home location. Decided to drive east and initially I was only able to get .35 in distance. I continued on to drive further and at the 1 mile mark (entrance to highway) I sent my location exactly as I entered the highway ramp which is slightly elevated and was able to connect with my gotenna mesh back home. Distance was 1.03 miles. My next test will be to place the mesh device on top of chimney which extends above my second floor. This will add additional 10-15ft in elevation from my initial test leaving mesh device sitting on second floor stair rail. I’ll post results here later on.

Second test was at a public event I went to Saturday at the Texas Motor Speedway in Ft.Worth Tx. Drifting Formula race. Service can be spotty there so I took 2 gotenna meshes. Left one with family member sitting down at the bleachers while I walked around during the event break time. Both gotenna meshes on and both using 30 day trail Pro features. Turned on Auto sharing location on both devices and set to 10 minute intervals, duration set for 3 hours. Few things I would like to point out and get clarification on. It seems that the auto feature stopped working close to the one hour mark. When ever the auto share did share location it was 40+ minutes later and the gps location provided was from last known gps recorded at 3:01pm? See image below. I will try a replicate this later on in the week and report back with results. Has anyone else experienced this?


Did another test, this time I did NOT use the auto-share location (Pro subscribed feature) with second gotenna mesh paired to IOS iPhone 5s. My wife walked our dog this evening and took the mesh gotenna with her. My plan was to track distance as she walked. First ping and location was sent before she left the house to make sure things were connected and working fine. About 2 minutes later I requested her location to see and track distance etc. I experienced the issue I did Saturday (see my above post) while at the Texas Motor Speedway. Image is attached to show my requests sent but her ping back with her location never updated. Location received stayed the same before she left the house. Am i doing something wrong? Isn’t her phone suppose to update as I request her location manually?


@Mark definitely seems like something weird is going on here. I am going to attempt to reproduce this issue tomorrow. Will update you as I learn more.


@Mark you are right! There is a bug here.
We were able to reproduce what you saw by taking the following steps:

  • Turn ON auto accept location requests on a recipient’s app
  • Turn on auto location tethering, in the recipient’s app
  • While auto location sharing is active, request location from recipient
  • See that the recipient shares a location that was pulled a few minutes earlier (usually the last location reported by auto location tethering feature)

We will attempt to fix this via an upcoming app release. In the meantime, you can recover from this scenario by manually sending a location. For e.g. if the recipient manually shares his/her location, you will see that the latest location is shared.


U@Rahul_Subramany I thought of that (manually request location) and the location would not update. Location sent back would be the same location last recorded. I can send you a screen shot if needed.


@Mark Instead of you manually requesting, what happens if the sender attaches a location and sends it to you?


@Rahul_Subramany I thought of that too and actually that’s when the location updated. But only if the other mesh user sent me her location. Requesting a manual location did not give me the same outcome (new location). If you look at the previous screen shots you can see me requesting location and the auto location immediately sending me back a old location.

Now that I’m thinking this process out, if I request a location manually while having the auto-share feature active, why would the reply message not indicate that, differentiate it self from the auto-feature location timer to the manual location request sent. Hope that makes sense. You can see that happening in my screen shots sent in earlier post. I’m happy to test this again if you like.


@Mark this is the work around I had stated earlier.
We are looking into this issue. Thanks for all the feedback on this.


I am using the iPhone app.

I received my nine units this weekend, but am having a very frustrating experience. Set up went fine, pairing went fine. I downloaded maps and topographical maps (well, I tried), but I cannot get the gps to work unless I either have cell data or wifi. I also periodically get a message that I am streaming the maps (which would explain the above), but I have downloaded the maps multiple times.

A second problem: During the setup process, the app informed me that I would save battery if I put my phone on airplane mode and then reactivated bluetooth. Tried that, but the phone no longer sees the gotenna unit.

I have looked everywhere for some type of user manual or information on-line, but no luck. After a few days of banging my head against the wall, I’m about ready to return the units. Any help will be appreciated.


I’ll try to help you on some of these:

The GPS in any iPhone will work without service or wifi. If the GPS isn’t working then there may be an issue with your phone’s GPS chip as goTenna Mesh uses the GPS in your phone, not the other way around. (What goTenna offers, GPS-wise, is offline maps that contextualize your location — and that of other users — on those maps.) Besides a hardware failure in your phone, the only other reason I can think that your GPS isn’t working is if perhaps you are testing this functionality inside a building that makes it hard to connect to GPS satellites overhead?

This is correct. But as the app specifies, if you go into Airplane Mode, you have to toggle Bluetooth back on. When you go into Airplane Mode, your iPhone immediately turns off all its radios: wifi, LTE, Bluetooth. So to pair to goTenna Mesh while in Airplane Mode you have to make sure you toggle Bluetooth back on.

The extensive FAQs are really helpful: … so is this board :slight_smile:


I just got mine yesterday I have been using it all day today so far so good. I tried most of the features so far they work fine. The app is where I have some issues, if I leave the app open in the background and return to it later it sometimes crashes. It will shut down and ask to reopen. This causes me to lose connection to my GoTenna, it’s brief but it is a problem. I have also had the map issue when it comes to downloading the offline apps. I think the app needs some optimization. I’m on Android 7.0 using an LG G6.


I’ve paired units to my phone and my wife’s. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but the only way we can communicate is via the “shout” feature. We can’t send or receive one-to-one texts to each other, even when the units are only feet apart. ???


@LuisKnight what are the issues you are encountering when trying to download offline maps?


@pathfinder20 can you try the following steps:

  1. Send a shout message to your wife’s phone
  2. Press & hold the shout message and from the options click ‘Add contact’
  3. Save this contact
  4. Now try to send a 1-to-1 message to the new contact you just saved

Remember that any contact you wish to reach via 1-to-1 chat, must have a country code. From your phone’s side menu, click on Contacts. Select the contact you wish to edit. Click on the info icon on the top right hand corner and click on ‘Edit Contact’. Add country code e.g. ‘+1’ to this contact’s phone number.


@Rahul_Subramany If I left the app to do other things on my phone it would not download in the background. I did not close it I just opened another app like chrome, so when I would come back to it to check the status of the download the map would not be there. So I stayed on the app till the download was finished and then the download remained stuck at %100 for a good while, so I closed it completely and reopened it and some maps ended completing the download while others did not. So I kept doing this till I downloaded all the maps I wanted.


I’ll just put this out there, food for thought. I believe it will improve the user experience and reduce steps needed in sending a meet up spot. After all who doesn’t like reducing steps in a process. :slight_smile:

Let’s say you want to send a location to a friend. Done. Your friends send his location. Done. You can see each other’s location on map and distance. Now you want to meet up in the middle. Wait a minute, this option/feature is missing :sweat_smile: kind of. now what do you do? The only way for you to accomplish this would be to click on the map icon within your 1-1 chat session, zoom all the way in, press the screen and hold for option to create pin appears. Name your pin “meet up here” and save. @Rahul_Subramany how about adding a back button or programming the chat icon (once clicked) to take us back the 1-1 chat session we were in prior to clicking on the map icon to create the pin (meet up location). Currently clicking on the chat icon from here just takes you back to main chat window.

Open chat session you exited and now you can attach your saved pin labeled (meet up spot), then send.

We can shorten this process by clicking attach pin and have a button option to say point on map etc. Clicking this would open up the map for you to create your pin. Once you create your pin (meet up spot) you are automatically redirected back to your 1-1 chat session.

Hope I explained that well. It’s late and my wake up work alarm is not forgiving at all.


@LuisKnight just tried downloading 6 maps simultaneously on an Android 7.0 Samsung S7.
The download went through even when the app was in the background. Do you have any battery saving features running on your android device?


@Mark makes sense to have the back button/chat button take you back to the 1-to-1 session. We are looking to update the navigation for goTenna app in the near future. Keep the feedback coming!


@Rahul_Subramany No, I just checked no battery saving features are on. The app overall is fine, I think it just needs better optimization. I did eventually get all my maps, the crashes still happen but rarely. I pinned the app so maybe that has helped it from crashing.

This also happened to the other GoTenna app with my girlfriend’s phone (LG G6 running 7.0) she hasn’t experienced the app crash just the issue of downloading the maps.


So far, it’s been extremely anti-climactic. I’ve received mine but so far, no body is in my area and I’ve seen no shouts.