How is your goTenna Mesh experience?


So far so good. I knew there wouldn’t likely be a lot of other users than me at the moment. Tis sorta the problem being an early adopter in a fairly safe geographic area. We don’t get doom weather like most other places.

So far the most useful thing I’ve done with it was take it to the renaissance festival this weekend. We had no functional connectivity due to there being thousands of people in a small area with already terrible network so we couldn’t text each other/etc. So I brought it in this weekend and was able to reach my wife just fine. The funny thing is we had friends trying to text us who couldn’t get through to us because no network. Oops?

I did tell them about the Gotenna though, friend’s husband is actually working with a group currently testing the Gotenna Pro for their needs. It was neat hearing that someone was actually getting to try out the Pro ones :slight_smile: (I’d love to get my hands on one <_< but I don’t think I’m legally allowed to? Operator Licence or whatever necessary?)


Agree with @Magus! @dbrianhendrix I bought goTenna Mesh to use it with friends when hiking/traveling/events so it’s useful out of the box even if there’s only 1 other person to use it with, but the exciting thing is that it DOES get more useful and interesting the more people around you have it… I bought 4 personally so I already my little “mesh”. I suppose the point of this Mesh Community message board and the map is precisely to make the potential more clear to people! Not sure it’s fair to say the experience is “anti-climactic” just because you’re early to the game - after all, your Mesh devices do something no other devices on the planet can. Give the team and yourself more credit. :wink:

@Rahul_Subramany What happened to the next app release? Was supposed to be end of Sept. per your last reply to me?


No, I think “anti-climactic” is a good word for my experience. Again, it expresses my experience. I’ve driven around for several days now including Nashville with no luck connecting or getting a response from chat. And, yes, I understand it’s early in the game. I’ll be patient – however, we do a LOT of hiking at state parks and trails in our area so until more are in use in our area, they don’t provide any help to early users. SO patience is the key.


@femmesh the next update of the app - v4.1, introduces a redesigned chat interface (simpler & easier to use). Implementing this new interface took longer than estimated.
We are about to kick off QA for v4.1 later this week. If everything goes well, we expect to launch the app in mid-October.
Thank you for your patience!


will the new app allow setting location polling to Never? I think it’s the case that it is spinning up my phone hardware needlessly every x minutes.


You can check what is using battery within your phone’s settings.
Settings-> Battery
I would suspect your phone’s display to be the biggest drain on battery. I often find myself looking at my phone a lot longer when using goTenna Mesh. Also, the phone display is at maximum brightness when under sunlight.


too bad - can’t we run the hardware gps only when I explicitly send location? it isn’t going to work deep in a concrete building…

re battery view:

gotenna is 2nd place app with 6 percent with only idle usage, 1m of display time.

top is an IP chat app with 14 min of screen time and 10 percent bat.


You could just Turn OFF location services on your phone.


but… you mean turn off location services for all apps because the gotenna app polls the hw gps every ten min?


@udicduc0 sorry for the confusion. I going to attempt to explaing this in detail.

The goTenna app does not use location services (poll gps) when the app is in the background (idle). The app queries your phones location only when you attempt to send a location within the app. You can configure how often the goTenna app queries your phone’s location (up to 10 minute intervals). For e.g. let’s assume your actual location is the following:

X at 3.50 pm
Y at 3.55 pm.

If location update is set to ‘Always’, your correct location will be shared if you share your location with a contact at 3.50 or 3.55 pm.
If location update is set to ‘Once every 10 minutes’, location X will be shared at 3.50 pm and at 3.55 pm. Your contact will receive your old location.


I have sent zero locations with the app but it is listed under recent location requests with “high battery usage”.


@udicduc0 interesting.
What device & OS version are you using? I will attempt to reproduce this. Can you also answer these:

  1. Were you using location tethering with any of your contacts?
  2. Can you check battery usage after letting the goTenna app run in the background for at least 6 hours?


pixel, 8. I allow very few apps to have Location permissions so upon reinstalling the gotenna app when I got the mesh in mail this return to heavy gps use was immediately obvious.

I have no contacts with location sending and I have never manually sent a location ever, not even just to try.


All four of my units arrived yesterday. I immediately unboxed two of them and started testing range. So far, I’m impressed. I plan to do some serious range testing this weekend. I like how the power button blinks the LEDs. It can be used for visual signaling, Morse code for instance.


one issue. when i connected contacts it lists the first phone number for each person which was not very useful. so with my spouse it listed her work number and not her mobile. there was no way i could find to select her mobile number from the imported contacts list and put it into gotenna contacts.


@ReedStr thank you for this feedback. The goTenna app pulls in the phone number that is listed as ‘mobile’. If no mobile # is listed, the app pulls the 1st number in each contact.
The next time you run into this issue, you can update your phone contacts and assign a ‘Mobile’ tag to the number you wish to use. Then restart the goTenna app to see the updated contact.


Well, so for technical background I’m using an iPhone and it syncs with I understand what you are saying and that’s what I expected it would do but that’s not what it did. I checked 3 contacts, all had a mobile number assigned that I could see in the iPhone contact manager, and in each case it chose the first number in the list as displayed by the contact manager on the iPhone which was not their mobile number.


Just received mine, happy to join the mesh family!

A quick question, I’m from Singapore, even I can select the right IDD code (+65), I’m unable to tie the goTenna Mesh to my phone number right now, the phone number box just show a red border and wouldn’t let me pass that. Is this due to we are still pending for certification? Or there is a bug in the IOS app? Just to be sure.

I can’t wait to take it out for some real action!


@moksi support for international phone numbers as GID is coming in the next app release 4.1. Technically we have not gotten certification yet for Singapore :slight_smile: meantime, please just use the random GID feature/option.


Thanks Daniela! Appreciate the info. All the best on the certification process!