How is your goTenna Mesh experience?


Any update on a firmware or app update to fix the iphone old location problem discussed above Sep 11-13?


I’ve been told to leave feedback here, apparently instead of starting new topics.

  1. Group messages are very risky since they have no confirmation. Perhaps it could display 3/5 to indicate that I got confirmation back from 3 out of 5 people in the group, and then if I care I could click on that to see who confirmed and who did not.

  2. I would like it to be easy to copy location coordinates from gotenna so I can paste them into gaia gps (my mapping program).

  3. New power button stinks. The old slide on/off was rock solid for knowing if your device was on or off. The new button tends to get pushed accidentally too easily. In particular, when you pull out the charging port cover the usb cable pushes it into the power button and easily turns the device on.

  4. This forum seems super aggressive about closing threads. “This topic was automatically closed 12 hours after the last reply. New replies are no longer allowed.” What if I am actually out using my gotennas and away from the Internet for a few days?


Just got my gotennas and so far the experience has been great. I bought extras to set up as relay nodes and I wish there was a way to check their status without having to pair it to a phone. It would be a great app feature I think to be able to have multiple gotennas attached as “secondary” or “relay” nodes so that when I was in range I could just switch to the relay section of the app and connect to it and at least see it’s battery life.


I’m loving my units so far. The range is really impressive. I keep a unit plugged in and powered on in my car to act as a mobile relay just in case someone else around me needs a hop (randomly Shout-ing, I’ve yet to get a response, though).

I hope to have at least one wide-area relay node set up by Spring that should easily cover several square miles (I’ve gone as far as 4 miles away from the initial site with a unit on a 20 foot pole, but I plan on installing a 70 foot pole to really cover the rural area I’m in). The 2nd location is also high off of the ground and covers the area around my work. Everyday communication use is my goal so I can finally drop my cell plan entirely.

I’m really hoping the upcoming app update fixes the location auto-response issue so I can complete my mobile relay (more on that later).


I dont’ want to use my cellphone number neither do I want to give it access to all the contacts in my iPhone. So I generated a GID and did not give the app permission to access my contacts.

However it keeps bugging me to enable access to my contacts.

During I test I noticed a lot of activity on the goTenna Mesh (blinking LED) when I turned this setting on and off. To me this indicates that its uploading all my contacts to the device. This is the last thing I want to do for something that is meshed with unkown users.

Do I NEED to enable my contacts to make it work?
How do I stop the app from asking me every time I want ot create a message?


Does one also have to add the country code to the GID?


Your contacts do not leave your phone! They do not get transferred to goTenna Mesh either.

No. You can use your GID.

This sounds like a bug. We will investigate and roll out a fix via an upcoming release.

No, if you are using a Randomly generated ID.
The Random ID is generated by the app. You will not be able to edit it.
If you are using your phone number, others who wish to reach you must include your country code, in front of your phone number.


Just received our 4pk yesterday. For a 2nd gen KS project the fit and finish on both the app and the device itself is pretty damn good!. Seemly and hopefully future bug free it can only get better from here! Have tried it at very low distances in an urban area so looking forward to seeing how coverage improves out in the country. I’m a Navy Sailor so these will help me keep in touch with my friends when we hit port calls. Especially Singapore by the looks of the the coverage map! I’ll post again when I get some more experience!


I agree that may be a cool thing, but yet again another BT connection to take up power. GT if you add this feature please include a toggle on/off feature :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Two feature requests for a particular use case: keeping a goTenna Mesh in the car

  1. On app: be able to notifications for connect/disconnect. Since it’s happening routinely there’s no need to have the alerts.
  2. Be able to set up the device to auto power up when charging. Similar to a dash cam. I’d like to have it keep running after power is shut off to maximize it’s availability to other users but some may want it to turn off to preserve battery life.

My situation: I set up my significant other with a goTenna Mesh in the car for emergencies and in the hopes that the network will get stronger over time and the 4 hops limit will eventually expand. Limits to this method: the goTenna Mesh wouldn’t work for the user when the paired phone is away from the car due to bluetooth limits (hoping that more than one pairing will be an option in the future so that one could be stationary in the office) and a car is a significant barrier to radio transmission anyway but it’s better than nothing.

Since the commute is long enough, I figure the device can recharge 2x/day, although I haven’t confirmed and it seems that on weekends the battery runs out and the device has to be restarted. I recently switched to a 2amp charger from what I think is a ~0.75amp in case that helps with charging speed.

Benefits of these features:
#1 would remove a barrier to use by casual users by reducing annoyance and decision to turn the goTenna Mesh off indefinitely. Seems like this could just be an app feature.
#2 would maximize the device’s availability to other people on the network. It would avoid a situation in an emergency where the casual user thinks the goTenna is on but it really isn’t only because at one point during the past two weeks the battery ran out. I could see this having some battery health problems but, again, I’d see it as an option rather than a default.


@chrispmorgan thanks for sharing your thoughts.
Both of your suggestions will add value.
Turning off connect/disconnect notifications should be an easy feature to add. We will consider this for a future app update.
Automatically restarting a goTenna Mesh, after a power cycle is a feature we are considering. This will come in handy when deploying relay nodes connected to non-continuous sources of power - car chargers, Solar chargers etc.


It’d be great if you sold packs of charging cords. I want to leave one at work, one at home, and one in each car.


We can make this happen…


Hey Robin,

You can actually get these from anywhere as they just use standard Micro-B USB cables. My favorite brand is Anker and they can be found on Amazon.


A related feature request. I’ve been testing with a stranger today and we’ve been pinging each other to test. Each time the ping comes in it’s distracting for me as the recipient. So control over kinds of alerts would also be nice. For example, having the ability to keep audio/vibrate alerts for messages but no alerts for ping receipts would be good.

I could also see people viewing the ping feature as creepy if the recipient doesn’t get an alert but as long as the default is to have the alert on, that would probably mitigate that concern.

Unrelated: tried messaging to my car-based device paired to another phone and was impressed with how the goTenna node seemed to store the message while the phone was away from the device.


Woah! Is the pro one?
Looks heavy duty! :slight_smile:


I have been having the same problem with it sharing old location data long after the person has moved to a new location and still in range between GoTenna’s.


Speaking of charging cables, a splitter type cable would be VERY handy. I actually have a dual micro USB charger that came with some Motorola walkie talkies for my Gotennas. And it is one heck of a lot more convenient than worrying about where to plug in two cables. It DOES have the disadvantage of only plugging into 120VAC. So you can’t use it in a car without an inverter. A splitter type cable would be VERY handy for car charging or (especially) wilderness charging from a solar panel or even a Biolite Stove (in which cases, two USB sockets may be hard to come by).


Both units stop working after about 30 minutes. We have to close/open app several times to re-connect. then its stops working again. I’m afraid to report.