How is your goTenna Mesh experience?


Sent you a message to help you out!


Didnt get a message yet.


I’ve sent 2 DMs, have you not received them?


I started using my four mesh units for keeping in touch with my staff while in an extended Drydock period. We are Navy so needless to say getting comms outside the ship is tough but it is proving useful for keeping in touch within the skin of the ship and pierside. What I have noticed though is the group feature is not very robust and the BIGGEST issue is I have full notifications on via iOS and all I get is a delayed pop up and no sounds etc. perhaps a bug or does the feature need work? Maybe I’m doing something wrong? No use using this for office collaboration if I don’t notice the message.




Maybe send me some “demo” pro units for testing? :v:t3:


I run the app with two different goTenna Mesh units, one via a iPhone 5 and one via an iPhone 6. The 5 version is the quiet one, despite my best efforts to make it more alarming. On the other hand, the 6 version is raucous with its alerts without me even trying. It may be simply a Settings issue, but I’ve yet to get the 5 version loud enough for my tastes, with the caveat that I’m a phone klutz.


@GhostRiderBuzz have you tried changing Notification Sounds within the goTenna app?
From the Side Menu, Click on Settings-> Sound Settings


I see that and my issue is that I need to run silent for certain times of the day and need a kick in the pants vibrate or persistent notification.


Dang! That works much better for raucous! :open_mouth:

Rahul’s comment prompted me to dig a little deeper and sure enough, there’s other sounds in THERE that were just what I needed. I liked “Update” and went with it for now because the 5 is my primary device, but still really like the default sound for receiving a message. It’s just not loud enough on my iPhone 5, whereas on the newer iPhone 6 I’m switching to it’s suitable. Guess that’s how Apple sells new phones :zipper_mouth_face:

Now I know the solution for my “antique Apple” until I make the fulltime switch to the new phone :cowboy_hat_face:

Using the two slightly different phones helps me keep straight what is being used for the “test instrument” as I rebuild the UMESH system and work out my solar bugs but also a good opportunity to learn the operational differences between the two.


Building on the notification conversation, is there a way to change the notification sound when the screen is locked? I have it set to the loud Tiptoes sound for receiving messages which works when I’m in the goTenna app, but it plays a quiet bubble pop sound outside the app and when the screen is locked. It does this on my iPod Touch and my iPhone, as well as my Mom’s iPhone.

It’s not a huge deal on the iPhones, as they also vibrate, but the iPod Touch doesn’t, leaving me to miss incoming messages unless the device is in view or I have headphones in.


Have you tried changing ‘Text Tone’ within your phone/ipod’s settings?
You can find this option under Settings -> Sounds & Haptics


I did. I think this is the same issue someone else reported. The receive sound setting doesn’t follow outside the app or when locked, instead playing a bubble sound.


I spend a lot of time testing the units.

The past 2 days I have been experimenting with the Mesh units. Our house is on top of a hill with almost 360 clear view. I hoisted one Mesh unit to the top of our flag pole about 25ft above ground perking way above our roof. I Experimented by putting this unit in Relay and in regular paired mode on the flagpole.

Left one unit paired with an iPad down in a valley and drove arround the neighborhood. Whent to the other side of the hill where there there is about 1/3 mile distance to the parked unit in the valley across the hill but clear view to my flagpole with mesh. Unfortunately the Mesh station in the middle did not relay the messages either direct or shout to the unit across the hill.
I tested with the flagpole unit in regular paired mode and in repeater mode to no avail. To eliminate hard or software error I swapped units on the flagpole to no avail.

Last but not least the distance these units can cover is disapointinting. About 1/3 of a mile with almost unobstructed view is somewhat reliable (sometimes having to hold the Mesh unit above my head etc.). All the rest is just by chance.

I am very long time licenced ham radio operator and understand propagation, radiosignals etc etc. For a living I an iT consultant who does quite a bit of networking, install WiFi networks etc etc

Before getting deeper into this by moddifying a unit with an external antenna etc etc. I have decided to cal it a day and stop sinking more time into this.

Over and out.


Selling individual units on Ebay:


I have several of these USB Splitter cables and they work great.

UCEC Dual Micro USB Splitter Charge Cable Power up to Two Micro USB Devices At Once From a Single USB Port (2pack)



It sounds like something is wrong with the hardware in your Mesh units. I’ve gotten up to 4 miles between mine, through trees and a car windshield.


@RogerOrange I am really surprised to hear that you are seeing such poor range. I’ve tested goTenna Mesh everywhere from the mountains of Utah to beaches in Florida to dense urban areas such as NYC. I’ve never seen anything less than 1 mile range when there is an unobstructed view.
This is quite surprising.
Did you use 1-to-1 messages to test range/hopping? Shout messages do not Mesh.


Would it be possible to add metadata such as received signal strength and transmitter retry count to each received message or as a diagnostic test?

This could help with mounting and placement tweaks for fixed location repeaters.


Did that and try everything.


Transmitter retry counts aka Meshing stats are coming via a future update.
Received signal strength data is extremely unreliable. I wouldn’t use this for any kind of diagnostics.


I wonder if other locations than the flagpole were tried with the one in stationary node mode?

I’ve found that the goTenna works pretty well off a ground plane, like the top of file cabinets, roofs of vehicles, etc. On the other hand, up against metal seems problematic. It may be the nature of the fractal antenna, perhaps the case of the device needing a wider standoff against neighboring metal, I dunno.

Now, if mounted on the tip of the flagpole, things would work fine. It’s the hoisting into position on the side of the pole that may be problematic. Then again, my home stationary node is mounted in a plastic watertight box on the side of an antenna mast. Unlike the others in that, it also gets house power via a cable from a wall wart in the attic, so possibly some grounding or coupling effect with this on the goTenna that offsets the issue of proximity to the metal mast. The box may also provide enough insulated standoff from the pole that things mostly work.