How is your goTenna Mesh experience?


WRT signal strength and reliability, I was thinking it might be useful to check those values for a number of messages from each of several strategic locations to a stationary repeater.

For example: My repeater is hanging my house against a 2nd story window. I might chose a different window, or put it between the glass and inside screen, or outside a window if the signal strength in one direction or the other is significantly better (on average) when tested from several locations. Would a modest but large enough sample provide any meaningful data?


In my experience, no. Even inside a controlled test environment (goTenna offices) we see a large variation in RSSI values.


Does the Android app support rotating to Landscape? This would be useful for slider phones like my newly acquired Motorola Photon Q running 7.1.2.

I’ve also noticed on two devices with physical keyboards, the Photon Q and the ZTE Cymbal-T (one QWERTY, one with a numpad) that backspace deletes two characters instead of one. Sliding the keyboard open or closed on the Photon pushes the app back to the main chat window.


I got a cable with my cobra microtalk [fms] units. That have a dual micro ends, to charge both at the same time. It has a type A input so you can plug it in to any charger.


Well I just started because I find this concept interesting… I got interested in this device or antenna because they said you can communicate even without service… that’s very interesting to me… I still don’t know the particulars but I will find out.


You’re in the right place! If you need help getting started, let us know!


The backstory… My friends and I bought GoTenna’s for EDC in Las Vegas. We went in knowing the cellular network was going to be shotty… GoTenna was going to be our alternative communication method. After Day 1 of the event here’s some suggestions…

1). If I send messages to the group. I can’t really tell who in the group received them. At a festival of over 100k people this is critical if you’re trying to regroup. I found myself having to walk around and ping individuals until I could reach them Then resend the message. Yes it’s cute you can see who’s GoTenna is on when you start the chat… After that it’s very UDP.

2). To echo the comments of the power button. Somehow the GoTenna would lose connection to my phone. I’m sure this was my phone suspending apps to conserve power. What’d happen is the GoTenna would then blink away and then power itself off. Sometimes you don’t notice the light flashing. When I’d go to check my messages I wouldn’t see any. I’d then check the GoTenna and find it powered off. This became very annoying. I had to develop a habit of checking my messages AND the GoTenna to make sure it was on and functioning. So please add a software ‘always on’ feature or ‘power down x amount of minutes / never’. You could tell people’s GoTenna’s were powering off during the festival. At the beginning I was able to relay through several people… Little more than half way through that all went away. Again probably because people were killing the GoTenna app or their phone was suspending the app to conserve power.

3). Add a automatic message retry feature. Sometimes you’re JUST slightly out of range when you send a message. Adding a ‘retry send after X amount of seconds’ feature would be super helpful. I found myself walking the parameter of the festival, manually retrying. At least until the message went through. Yes it may use more phone battery… That’s what external batteries are for.

4). Add a message queue/buffer. This ties directly into #2 and #3. It’d be nice if the unit could store X amount of messages. In the event the bluetooth connection is lost the messages are queued. When the connection comes back the unit sends messages to your phone.

Overall I’m on the fence about the GoTenna’s. I can’t say I’d rely on these out in the desert. Right now it’s more of a niche thing and adoption is lacking.

  1. I believe the goTenna Plus subscription gives you delivery confirmations for groups (30 days free).

  2. and 4. The light will flash for 5 minutes after power up or losing the connection to the phone. Randomly dropping connections is a known issue with Android and will be fixed in the next release. They don’t auto power-off unless the battery dies. Even without a connection to the phone, messages continue to relay and any messages bound for you are stored.

  3. Each message attempts to send 3 times. The first try is direct. Failing that, attempts two and three broadcast direct and with meshing.

For best range, the higher the better, and make sure the LEDs face away from your body.


Yes, plus by pressing/holding on an undelivered message, you can try to resend again (it’ll try 3 times again)


Thanks for this message! I’m going to DM you with some tips to resolve these issues!


@MrTSolar and @danielagotenna - From what I noticed… Messages bound for me that weren’t received were never see again. In fact the friends in my group found it easier to send a message. If it came back unavailable, we’d move to another area while using the ping feature. Once we could ping the recipient… We’d then retry the message. That’s something i mentioned to @VirginiagoTenna in my summary of the event.

Also @MrTSolar I know what you’re trying to say about having the LED facing away from your body. In my case it was on my hydration pack’s strap facing away from my body. However when the LED is facing away from your body. You don’t notice the flashing. So you end up in a chicken and egg situation. If the phone is suspending the app you won’t get the ‘goTenna disconnected’ message. By that time the goTenna flashed for 5 minutes. Placed itself into relay mode. You go about thinking everything is ok when it’s not.

The self relay mode is deceitful. By day 2 of the even I was pressing the power button of the GoTenna once all the time to check its status. Since it was becoming so unpredictable. From my understanding… One blink means you’re in normal mode… Three blinks means you’re in relay mode. When I’d press the button in what you’re explaining as auto relay mode… I’d get no LED flash. Which to me states the unit has either powered off or has locked up. As a user I’m going press the power button until I get a response. If it doesn’t respond I’m to assume the unit has locked up. At which time I’m going to press and hold the power button until the unit hard resets. Which is probably explaining why stored messages were also gone.


It sounds like there’s either a fault with your unit or something is pushing the power button. I have a paired but disconnected Mesh unit in my car that stays on for weeks at a time, the only thing shutting it off is a dead battery.


I’ve been having similar problems with location sharing data being inaccurate and old location data. Any solutions?


When will this problem be fixed?


Thanks for calling this out. I see the original post was back in September. Can you provide some additional information with regards to the behaviors you’re seeing now?


When I would try requesting the location of another user who was in range it would share old location data for that user. Sometimes hours old after they had moved to a new location. Each time I confirmed that the user had their iPhone on and actively connected to their gotenna. I also confirmed that their iPhone had a clear view of the sky with a strong GPS signal. My group also all has the latest version of the app and firmware.


I’ve been testing a pair of gTM units for about a week now. I really like the build quality, material choices, size, shape, and weight!

Some feedback:

The white LED is bright, but how else would you be able to see it on a bright sunny day, so I see the need for that choice. However, a “night” mode would be helpful. My Bose Aviation headset has exactly this, where double-clicking its power button sets the occasionally-flashing status LED to dim. I could see having the same option in gTM, if not through double-clicking, perhaps just in the app (even better, maybe make it optional to set automatically at sunset/sunrise).

Wipe All does not erase previously received location pins from the map.

When the phone is unpaired, but the gTM is internally queuing messages for later delivery, there is currently no indication of that. Perhaps an option to occasionally double-flash the red LED could indicate there are messages queued up (single flash might be confused with a low battery alert, perhaps also needed).

When pairing a device, it would be great to have the option to set the app “theme” color to the same as the strap color on the device.

As others have requested, it would be useful to see a statistic of messages relayed through my nodes. We love to help, and knowing our nodes are relaying messages for others encourages that.

iOS app doesn’t have an iPad layout, and instead runs magnified. Likewise, there is no landscape layout regardless of iPhone Plus, iPad, or Android.



Great feedback! There is a lot to consider here.

First, admittedly, the ‘Wipe Data’ action is a less comprehensive version of logout. When you select logout you should truly see everything wipe. We’re actually removing ‘Wipe Data’ in 5.0 and sticking with the full wipe you get from ‘logout’

Interesting call out on a device storing messages. Each time a message is received, the device will flash. I’m not sure that I’m convinced that adding a double flash would help. If you’re watching for a double flash, you can easily see a single flash. Not sure that you’d want your device to perpetually blink (in the interest of battery conservation) but I like the concept here.

We definitely want to add relay metrics! Your sentiment there is echoed!