How is your goTenna Mesh experience?


WRT signal strength and reliability, I was thinking it might be useful to check those values for a number of messages from each of several strategic locations to a stationary repeater.

For example: My repeater is hanging my house against a 2nd story window. I might chose a different window, or put it between the glass and inside screen, or outside a window if the signal strength in one direction or the other is significantly better (on average) when tested from several locations. Would a modest but large enough sample provide any meaningful data?


In my experience, no. Even inside a controlled test environment (goTenna offices) we see a large variation in RSSI values.


Does the Android app support rotating to Landscape? This would be useful for slider phones like my newly acquired Motorola Photon Q running 7.1.2.

I’ve also noticed on two devices with physical keyboards, the Photon Q and the ZTE Cymbal-T (one QWERTY, one with a numpad) that backspace deletes two characters instead of one. Sliding the keyboard open or closed on the Photon pushes the app back to the main chat window.