How to make a unit stay on?!


I suspect this will become known as the Brute Force Method. :construction_worker_man::construction_worker_woman:


Sorry, this is the part that didn’t go seamless for me. It’s probably because I’m running at full 1 Watt, but as soon as the battery-less Gotenna tries to transmit, it power cycles and resets. Happens consistently with an assortment of power supplies and cables too. Stops happening when I reconnect the battery.
I think an extra capacitor may be required to do this trick at full power. Any experience with this?


This is unfortunately correct and confirmed. Thanks @armin and apologies to everyone, I should have tested under more conditions before posting.
I have edited my original message to include a warning.


Interesting idea. I have to guess that adding a capacitor to temporarily store power from the USB external power connection (might need to be a “super-cap”) could work, as long as transmits are not constant once the thing gets going. Heck, it might even work if they are.

Might be worth some experimentation though.