How to make a unit stay on?!


If you can’t move it to blip it on, then that may be the problem. Just holding it down doesn’t allow it to restart into what is effectively permanently on mode so long as the clip holds the button down. But you must be able to move your hold-down to do the restart. Otherwise, it’s basically my instructions above [to the best of my current knowledge.]

This needs field-testing, if for no other reason to see if power consumption is within the capacity of current batteries and panels. In the winter, the slight heating effect might even be desirable. People should report back their findings when the weather allows.


Sorry to drag this on but I’m still a bit confused. If I’m following correctly to get a GTM into “always on mode” you must:

  1. Jam the button down
  2. let the GTM battery run down
  3. plug the GTM into power
  4. momentarily release then re-jam the button (blip the button)

At this point if the unit dies again will it automatically restart when power is applied? Like in a solar application with no external battery and the sun returns after several overcast days.

My interest in this possible feature lies in the use of a GTM as a relay on solar power. If the GTM will turn itself on when solar power is restored it will drastically simplify my mountain top relays. I can live with occasional down time at night or during gloomy periods if I don’t have to make the several hour trip to reset it manually. Thanks!


Yes, that’s the routine that worked for me.

That seems to be the consensus. I always like to see such things for my self. However, the design is said to relay so long as the GTM is on, no matter what the white flashing lights are doing. And holding the Power button down leaves it always active when power is restored.

I’m just not in test mode right now other than one that I am experimenting with on the patio. Problem is there are 3 others relays nearby, but perhaps in weeks ahead I can say more about the radio working on it’s own by recording some good data. Right now it’s survival mode, but will also get some relays built. I need to decide before they go up whether they are Powerclipped or not, because several will be relatively less accessible after they’re up. Not having to go back for a long time would be delicious.


Nursing the sick kitty gave me some time to follow-up on this and I am starting to agree with you. What are we missing?

The one thing that does not seem to happen without some human intervention is pushing that button at least once.

Essentially, what is blipping the button? Just another way to manually reboot the GTM. The tests I’ve done ALWAYS require at least that minimal human intervention with the power button clipped down. The unit will not power back up by itself even after accepting a full charge and the red light going off without that manual reset.

I’ll throw it back to those who claimed this is an “always on” solution. The results do not seem to be able to be replicated. It you actually achieved this state, then please review and clarify the instructions on how you did so. It might work with a paired phone to start with, or when a battery remains hooked up but runs way down? I used a wall wart and disconnected from any power in my experiments.


I just tried the step where you “blip” the button and the GTM does not come back on when power is applied.

Dang, this would be the “holy grail” of solar relays if it would work. I still hope I missed something and there might be a chance. Please advise if anyone figures it out.