INTRODUCTIONS: Who are you & why are you here? :)


Dave from Prescott Arizona. Avid traveler and back country trekker. Actually very interested in possible usage by our Search and Rescue team. In the backcountry there is no cell coverage and too many people listen to the radio traffic. They need the secure text messages and GPS locations. More than enough people to create a large mesh network. Could use drones to get a high relay for emergency coverage. Anyone have experience with SAR using this product?


Howdy. I’m Brian and we live in West Seattle. My family has been using the v1 units since early '16, and we just picked up a couple of Mesh units over the holiday weekend. Initially, we got them to communicate with each other in the Cascades and Olympic backcountry. But I didn’t realize the potential for these devices. I’m going to inform our local emergency preparedness organizations about this technology. I would like to see a mesh unit in every school.


Hi there. New user from pacific northwest. I’ve been following GoTenna for awhile and finally picked up my first set during the Black Friday promotion.

The project with Samurai Wallet and offline Bitcoin transaction was awesome!

I can’t wait to test these out in rural areas around Idaho, Oregon and Washington. Also looking forward to test out in urban areas. I plan to have one running as a relay node from my office, which is a third floor building near a popular outdoor shopping center.

Looking forward to take part in this growing community!


Hi from AF6IM. EE Into ham radio and low power RF comm stuff. New to GoTenna. Been mixing skydiving and radio, see

Just installed an AC powered RELAY MODE unit high atop Telegraph Hill in SF, Hope it proves useful to others. 100 block of Telegraph Hill Blvd (see it on Google Earth), third story apt, currently window mounted. Great view of East Bay, soon even better when I put it on the roof where it will see GG and Bay bridges.



I’m Lon from Pennsylvania - United States. I purchased my first pair of GoTenna Mesh units as a safety measure for when I am hiking. I also look forward to testing its near field texting capabilities.