INTRODUCTIONS: Who are you & why are you here? :)


Hi, I am David from Southern California and I am getting ready to purchase my first set of Gotenna Mesh units. Actually I gonna be buying close to 20 of them for me and a group of friends. I am hoping to build and put together two MOAN’s to help the network in my area. I have a large hill with a 70ft tree in my back yard and I work on boats and have a customer who has agreed to put one on the top of his 60’ mast. I’m truly excited about the potential of this technology and the decentralized nature of it. I am looking forward to help being apart of this movement!


I am a gen 1 (has 4) user who just received his first mesh pair in the mail today. Can’t wait to test them out. I think we can all agree that when the catastrophic happens… we all want / need a way to communicate with our loved ones… so I was very happy to stumble upon goTenna and I am very thankful to you for creating these and this community.


Not yet a goTenna owner, but strongly interested the mesh concept, and the applications. Plan to set up a remote relay in the near future. Looking forward to learning more.


Here in BVI went through Irma - pretty much outdoors praying for life - had major difficulties with comms afterwards and shoulda – just shouted out please get this here!! here is my credit card - but more storms and climbing thru bush to retrieve house parts got the better of me - SO NOW building up and testing network with friends getting amazing range! Working with other islands on extending down island. Thank you to you @danielagotenna


The reason I’m here is because I saw a TED talk wherein this project was looking to incentivize users.
The reason I found this video is because I had come up with my own idea for a mesh home to home communication, which I then posted on the SAFE network’s forum which can be found here
I’m happy to answer any questions and I’m looking forward to getting started interfacing my idea with this current solution.


I am Tom Funke I bought 4 goTenna(s) over a year ago and just got 4 goTenna Mesh radios today (2018-Mar-01). Very interested in mesh capability. I set up one mesh as a stationary relay at my home (MoultonboroNH_SuissevaleTF1). I will be using the others primarily when hiking. I run a hiking group which normally has 12-24 hikers over 50 each weekend in the NH White Mountains and surrounding area. Such a large group can spread out as much as 1/2 mile+ along the trail. We normally use GMRS radios, but these require someone to respond to determine who’s where. Ideally the location auto-reply feature will make this more reliable and easier.


Howdy, I’m Art.

Live in Wyoming. I picked up the gotenna mesh after some looking into them to use for a variety of reasons. Being my towns emergency manager these looked like effective tools to use for communication in a location that has spotty cell service either ways.

very much interested to see if can use 4 gotenna mesh to create a relay grid within an area.



Hey. I’m ghost. I typically linger in the dense boreal forests up north. I enjoy the smell of wet moss in the mornings.

In all seriousness, the GoTenna Mesh is what caught my attention and I can’t wait to see where this project is headed. Kudos to GoTenna and all the people who have put time and effort into developing this awesome tech.

~ ghost


Heya, I’m Archer (aka “feedle” in many circles, amateur radio callsign N0DOS). Just picked up two Meshes while wandering at a local REI here in Denver, and thought this was a cool thing to try out. I’m a huge hardware hacker, and I’m encouraged by the stuff I’ve seen people do already with this hardware!

BTW, what’s with all the nodes in Stapleton? Is there some kind of organized group in Denver?


Hi, my name is Daniel Brennan. I live in Smiths Falls, Ontario. Here to strengthen the regional mesh network and also have an alternative to Internet connectivity for text/GPS on my smartphone.

I like that goTenna made use of existing technology and that it is a people powered network. In 2014, as I was driving the backroads “spotting” for photography, I wondered what off-grid technology existed and quickly focused in on goTenna. Ever since then, I’ve been following the forward progression of the Brooklyn, New York -based company.

Finally decided to jump onboard with the Mesh, received the devices today and couldn’t be happier.


My name is Bill and I just purchased six goTenna unit’s to start building up the Philadelphia and NJ area. I currently have three stationary relays setup. One in Philly in a building on the 10th floor, one in the Camden area on the 2nd floor of a building and one in my home. I’m looking for a few people in the area to do some range testing.

I’m a HAM (KB3QEM) and like working with PSK-31 and the Winlink global email system (Email over HF radio)

Some of my relays (house and office)

My latest HF radio “go kit”


Well I work full time and go to school at night so I don’t really have a lot of extra time. What’s involved with setting something like that up? I don’t have a problem starting a thread and responding to a few people but I don’t have time for events or anything like that.


As an amateur radio operator since 1973 I’m fascinated by anything radio and providing repeaters is just the right thing to do. Really hope to see more local people using mesh. You should consider advertising on Nextdoor. Not the greatest community but a lot of people are up there.