Mammoth Mountain (CA) ski areas - now fully Meshed!


Mammoth Mountain in California is now fully covered via goTenna Mesh powered Relay Nodes. We’ve deployed solar chargers connected to goTenna Mesh devices through out the Ski areas to keep goTenna Mesh devices running 24x7.
Meshers hitting the slopes at Mammoth do share your experience here!

Hops/relays Max count?

Amazing!!! I want to use these devices everywhere, everyday.


@Rahul_Subramany Woohoo! The first of many.

If any of you reading this wish a ski resort (or similar) in your area was also “Meshed up”… email If you have good connections to people who can give us access to certain places (like a recreational area) — even better! :slight_smile:

EDIT/ADD: More photos (via @Rahul_Subramany) who hopefully will share more over the next few days:


Neat! My legs won’t stand skiing now, but it’s great fun.

I’d like to hear more about what solutions they chose for solar power.


I’d like to get a look at the whole mesh package with the solar and some specs to get an idea of what size panel you are using. We’ll want some down the line data from everyone on how this goes for them. You can’t beat real world data.

I hope you implement the function to remember power state after reboot in the next firmware update. Aside from increased hop count and USB SDK that’s my next biggest wish list item.


We used Biolite solar panels for this deployment. We partnered with Biolite and they kindly donated 5 panels.
These nodes have been live for ~30 hours so far. I would recommend using at-least a 5W panel with a minimum of 2200 mAh power back up. This ensures that goTenna Mesh will have enough back up power even if the sun is not out for multiple days at a time.

Yes, we are looking into this. Increased # of hops and the USB SDK is much further along and will be part of the next release.

Meet FIREFLY: Lightweight, Improvised Portable Relay Nodes (EASY!)

I may not be a skier or boarder. But one thing I DO know is the Eastern Sierra. And let’s face it. The Eastern Sierra is just one of the most spectacular places in the country AND a GREAT place for a multitude of other outdoor activities. Mammoth Mountain is kind of cool because (among MANY other things), it stands relatively alone in the Long Valley area. This means that the nodes on Mammoth Mountain are probably quite far-reaching, and can be used by many more people than just skiers/boarders on Mammoth Mountain. Hikers can probably reach these nodes from miles away, allowing them to keep in touch with others who they might not otherwise be able to. If more nodes could be placed in various strategic locations throughout the Eastern Sierra area (like maybe White Mountain Peak, Glass Mountain, Mount Tom, etc.), it probably wouldn’t be too hard to cover much of this rather vast area.


:raised_hands:t4::raised_hands:t4::raised_hands:t4: checking this out next time I go, how cool! I was visiting just a few months before mine shipped so looking forward to test this out.


Meshers having fun on the slopes @Mammoth last night!



That really made me LOL :smiley:


Ski Patrol @Mammoth Mountain are testing goTenna Mesh performance on the slopes. They will also monitor the status of stationary relay nodes deployed through out the mountain.