Mesh 5.0 is here!


I would wait for quite a while. It can take a long time.


ok. and it doesnt require internet to receive the update? How dos it accomplish this?

Ok i found the progress bar


Yeah it took me around 40 mins per mesh device to do the firmware upgrade.


Was support able to help you with your device? I have one device that did the same thing.


What about devices that are using google’s Family Link. I can load apps to my kids devices via my account. but technically they have there own google ID.



I am just received my first goTennas today - South Africa - and started to pair and upload the firmware to my first (green) device. I charged it and left it with my Android phone to complete the upgrade. When I returned there was an firmware update error. When I switch it on the light glows white for a bit (1-2 seconds) then starts blinking (about 3/4 times a second)

I can not pair with the device any more and don’t know how to proceed.

Thanks, any help will be appreciated.


Hello! Per community guidelines, I’ll help you out in our DM.


I have to say, I am highly disappointed in Gotenna for charging a subscription for 6 hop functionality. I would have purchased several more units in the last month, but 3 hops is entirely non-competitive and doesn’t meet my needs. Instead of having a unit on my roof, one in my pocket, one in my office, and units with my wife and both kids… I’m backing off. Paying an annual subscription for an occasionally-used product… especially per device, doesn’t make sense.

I understand the allure to building a recurring revenue stream, but you are hurting the development and network effect of pervasive devices with any sufficient density here. You’re at a point now where an increasing number of people are getting frustrated that they can rarely reach anyone, and you charge for more hops? Nuts. Short-sighted, and certainly causes me to retreat from support of your company and concept.