Mesh 5.0 is here!


Yes, figured that was what you were likely getting at. In my experience, doesn’t happen with the goTenna, at least with the 2 dozen or so I’ve dealt with doing updates on. I think Virginia’s message covers the issues I’ve read about here or experienced in prior updates. With the potential exception of units in the last category she discussed, it doesn’t look like any units are hurt by the update.

I understand your frustration, because the unit is down until you find a solution. I hope Virginia’s recent message covers your unit’s problem. If not, send her a message, as I know she wants you back online in the mesh ASAP, too.

I suppose the bright side to this is readers are finding out just how much people are depending on their GTMs.


Thanks, that didn’t solve my problem, I’ve sent an email to the


Reading it now! :smile:


Somewhere along the way, it was mentioned that the new firmware would include an update that would make future firmware update easier. The last one was just before I discovered mesh, so I don’t recall how fraught t was with similar issues, but I think I recall a similar thread that settled down and largely resolved itself back in the archives. So there are probably reasons already to improve this.

Right now, it might seem to those who’ve run into various issues with this update that there’s little evidence of that. Here’s some evidence that just now surprised me that the firmware future is looking brighter…

We have a relay node on top the house at about 28’ AGL. Like all but one node that didn’t get the Beta firmware, I climbed up there and substituted a Beta-preloaded GTM into the relay box for the one that came out that was running 4.2.

Later this week, I was planning on climbing up to substitute similarly preloaded GTMs with the 5.0, Ver 1.1.8 I’ve already updated. I happened to be outside this afternoon and saw through its semi-transparent cover way up above that the home node was flashing. I was thinking it must’ve developed a problem, so I decided to climb up and swap it now since I had a few minutes. Put the new 1.1.8 GTM into the enclosure, climbed down, put everything away and then set to updating the firmware on the GTM that just came down.

All that flashing? It apparently was updating the firmware, all by itself! :kissing_smiling_eyes:

Yep, it was that painless, didn’t even see it coming. Now I suspect that the rest are already updated, too, but would like to confirm that.

So when the Firmware Blues hits you, just remember it’s getting better as the 5.0 spreads.


So, your relay got the update over the mesh? Or was it paired to a device?


will 5.01 not pair with the 12341234 sn?


Send me one too. Mine will not update either.


Here you go, hang in there, they are working on it.


Not really sure. It is directly above our garage and my office, so where I’ve been updating firmware on multiple units since last week. It’s possibly in Bluetooth range. It’s possible it “powered through” during a hot spell, where it seemed to stay live, but go out of relay mode and possibly into pairing mode without shutting down if something was around as at least one of my rooftop nodes seemed to do back when it was hot in May. But I definitely didn’t push any buttons to reboot it or anything, just saw it flashing it’s LED from across the street in bright daylight.

Could just be my klutziness going on here. But if it does it without my prompting in any way successfully it’s miraculous. :sweat:


one i have loaned out isnt pairing to the app, so they arent able to get the sn off of it. they did update to 5.01automaticly before checking the sn.
so i was just wondering if the new app wouldnt pair with 12341234.
i will get it babk in a few days to try it with my phones. then i will fill out the form. im at 2 sent back and 2 with 12341234 waiting.


I have an old ipad mini still running ios 9.35 that I had been using for the gotenna mesh node to be able to check/update it.

It can’t download the new version of the Gotenna software so it is unable to get the new firmware for the gotenna mesh it’s connected with. Will you be providing some method to firmware update through older versions?

Or do I need to unpair it, pair it with a newer device, firmware update, unpair, and reconnect?

If you could have memory for multiple gotenna mesh’s to a single device, or allow firmware pushes from one gotenna to another it would solve the problem too >_> I only have that so i can update nodes without having to lose my primary personal mesh.


I swapped to my iphone to update it, then re-paired it to the ipad. It is trying to update the firmware back to the old firmware so I had to tell it not to.

Figured I would mention that being a potential issue for anyone else attempting to do the same.


They’ve dropped support for iOS prior to 10 per Virginia’s note in message 9 in this thread. Time marches on.

The product page still show support starting with iOS 9 (under “What You Need”), but it’s not been updated yet.


I was wondering what would happen if someone did that. Thanks for the experiment, as I am most definitely affected by the drop of iOS 9 support. Even on my Android devices, I am unable to update until the APK file is available. My Android devices have been de-Googled, so the Play Store isn’t an option for me, either.

Update. Android goTenna 5.0 apk now available on


Haven’t used the GTM in quite a while. The goTenna app on my Samsung S8 Active has been updated to 5.0 but no button to upgrade firmware appears under “About”, where it shows the firmware version is 0.13.46. Getting updates is a bit frustrating.


is your SN one of the 12341234?
I do have one not 12341234 that is doing the same on an iphone


I’ve also never had anyone respond to a shout nor have I ever received a shout request. I’ll be trying out Burning Man because if that’s not a dense goTenna mesh no place will be.


Me and one other gotenna mesh user did shouts at the Indy 500 on race day.


To whom are you posing that question? This thread and the comments are convoluted and difficult to determine who is “speaking” to whom.


This information and the comments are all very confusing and poorly organized. My Samsung Galaxy S8 Active shows the goTenna app is using version 5.0, but the mesh unit I pair to is using firmware version 0.13.46, “Installed Date” of August 19, 2017, with an SN that begins with MX171.
It appears the app has been automatically updating over time, but not the mesh firmware. To top that off, I can’t find any clear-cut instructions on how to update the mesh firmware. It seems as if it’s supposed to happen “automatically”, but it appears it never has. This is becoming very frustrating.