Need goTenna Mesh product support? I am here to help!


Hey Karl, it’s Virginia, I’m helping you out via email already!


OK great, what did you come up with?


Take a look at my response! Let’s keep the 1-1 troubleshooting to our private thread. Don’t wanna spam the world (or violate our sweet sweet community guidelines) :sunglasses:


Just purchased a 2-pack and having trouble pairing one of the devices. First things first I charged both devices to full capacity. Then i started the pairing process (all on iOS). One paired fine (ie, opened app, turned on device, entered pairing mode and paired successfully). I unpaired from my iphone and paired successfully with an ipad.

I turned on the 2nd device and attempted to pair in the same manner. The led light turns on and flashes once then turns off. Further pressing the power button causes the led to flash on and then off. I can not get it to enter pairing mode and am unable to find documentation online to fix this issue.

I have turned off and on several times. I have re-downloaded the app. Please help!


Send an email to and they should be able to fix you up.


I have noticed that the gotenna gets disconnected on my iPhone 8 if the app is in the background. Is there a way to prevent this?


Are you keeping the cell and the GTM within 20 feet or so of each other (BT range)?


Yes. But I think in the new ios has a restriction for running the Bluetooth in the background for a third party app.


In your General Settings, look for Background App Refresh. If it’s still there, you should be able to adjust that there.


I have background app refresh but the gotenna app does not show up there so I cannot enable it. Could you please report this issue? Thank you.

Richard Rosenberg


Also how can I connect to a gotenna to check battery while it is in relay mode up on the roof for example ?


Hi Richard,
Yeah, now that my memory is refreshed, send a note to on this.

I use a iPhone 5 most of the time. It’s not present there in my Background Refresh, either, but wanted to check with my wife to see what she had on her iPhone 8 and it matches what you’re experiencing. She has similar dropping while in the background. On the 5, it’s not been an issue despite that lack. I’m vaguely recalling this has come up, been noted, and so there may be a workaround, so contacting Support should get you the latest.

That capability is in testing within the app. However, you can get it now in the Mesh Developer Tool Kit with more about it in this thread: iOS Toolkit App

Note that the Mesh Developer Tool Kit also supports running in the background, so you have a potential fix for both problems there.


Thank you very much Mike.