Need goTenna Mesh product support? I am here to help!


Hello @michaelryap I might have one or two more suggestion to improve the user experience. I’ll share with you and @Rahul_Subramany shortly.

The bike frame is La Piovra Air frame. A popular fixie/track bike.


@michaelryap I’d also suggest in the Shouts for the timestamp on shouts to update with a date, if not immediately after 24 hours.


Hi - I just recieved my new GoTennas and got them charged and activated. I do have a issue. I suspect it me but they work in the Shout mode but not in the 1-1 chat. I’ve have paired each to a separate iPhone (5 and 6S) and they flash the correct pairing when tested. Neither unit however pings the other number or delivers the text. The units are located in the same house. I’ve checked the GoTenna contact numbers and they match the GID (expect for the 1 prefix doesn’t show in the contact information.

We leaving tomorrow for a vacation in Canada so the GoTenna are timely. I can make things work via the shout but I suspect this is a simple fix. Any thoughts?


Paging @Rahul_Subramany to help you tonight before you travel — he’s already left the office but I’ll try to find him :wink:

In meantime one quick question is whether you (and other users) did double-factor authentication of your phone numbers via SMS code? Not sure, maybe that could be part of it. Otherwise @Rahul_Subramany is your guy :slight_smile:


@Dennis_M I am assuming you setup both devices using phone numbers.
Here is an easy way to fix this issue:

  • Send a shout message from Phone A to Phone B
  • On Phone B, press and hold the Shout message you just received
  • Click on ‘Add Contact’ and follow instructions to save your contact
  • From the main chat screen, click on 1-to-1 chats & select the contact you just saved
  • Happy texting

Please note - all your goTenna contacts must have a country code prefix. Go into Contacts -> Click Contact name -> Info icon on the top right corner -> Edit contact -> Add +1 country code


Rahul - thanks very much. That was all it took. I’m good to go!


I haven’t heard of LP before, thanks for sharing!


With goTenna Plus SMS relay can you only send messages to other goTenna users? Or to any cellphone (which need not have the goTenna App, or even know about goTenna)?


@GeoD Yes. With SMS network relay, you can send messages to any cellphone number.
The recipient is not required to have the goTenna app.


So do you have any control about delivery path?
(have not tried SMS relay yet, using random GIDs).

I.e. we can hope that GoTenna is more private than SMS; but when sending to a phone number it would essentially use best transport available (i.e. GoTenna radio if deliverable via GoTenna, or SMS relay if not)?

What happens if message originator has cellphone coverage - would it try GoTenna delivery at all?
I assume it works as follows:

  • is message to phone number is deliverable via GoTenna, even multihop - use GoTenna
  • otherwise find closest (hop-wise) user with working IP and relay through him (including 0 hop = originator)

In ideal world transport should be controllable; i.e. each users could have both gid and phone identity, and original can select which user number to send to…


SMS network relay works only with phone numbers (does not work with Random IDs).

With or without cell service, the sender’s (originator) app will try to send the message via the goTenna Mesh network first. If that fails, the user is given the option to retry sending the message via SMS network relay.

SMS network relay will send the message via the closest network connection (including sender).


I have the hardest time understanding this process for some reason. Especially using total 4 mesh devices with two paired to devices and the other two set as relays. Would be nice to see this graphed out. ʘ‿ʘ


Thank you, it makes sense (i did not know about the confirmation request to route via SMS; i should finally try it).
I understand that SMS relay has no way of working when destination is random GID.
But can person with random GID send to a person with phone# ID via SMS? Or both sides need to be phone# IDs?


Sender can use a random ID for their account. The recipient has to use a phone number as their ID.


In addition to the assigned number does the recipient have to have the pro feature?


Plus you mean? No, only sender. Recipient doesn’t even have to have a goTenna device :slight_smile:


Feature request! Option to ‘share’ or otherwise open shared locations in other apps. This is from the perspective that maybe I have topo maps in a different app or more detailed Google Maps saved offline. Or, in my mom’s case, no room on the phone to keep multiple sets of offline maps.

In Android I know this can easily be done with intents, not sure how iOS handles this. As a quick solution, having lat long easily copy-paste-able would be super helpful as well.


I have an extra MESH that I will leave plugged in so it’s available as a relay unit. Do I need to do anything otherwise than plug it in? I haven’t connected it to a phone. Thanks.


That’s it! Enjoy!! And make sure to add as a stationary, powered-on relay node on the map :slight_smile:


@NoahgoTenna How do I go about getting a replacement strap?