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Rahul, I’m not sure if the Android O bug was supposed to be fixed in the latest update, but I’m still seeing random disconnects. I did upgrade to the Pixel 2 which is currently running the 8.1 beta.


@scotchlover Within your Android settings, can you turn off ‘Battery Optimizations’ for goTenna?
The issue you are facing is because of the OS preventing BTLE access to the goTenna app.


Rahul, I have battery optimization off on the Gotenna App, has been off.
Still closes the application. It didn’t do it earlier while the firmware
upgrade was happening, but the moment I closed the firmware upgrade prompt,
it closed the application.

I remember you were able to reproduce my original comment about this issue with Android O, so I wasn’t sure if you were ever able to fix that or not.


Has the standalone file been released ?


Not yet. We have more updates planned for this year. Stay tuned!


Quick question for you. I read somewhere that the gotenna meshes will only do a limited number of hops, perhaps 4 or 5. Is that so? If so, it limits the useful size of a network. Say a friend and I were several miles away, but with a node every quarter mile between us; even though the network is in place, would the message not go farther than 4 or 5 nodes?


Today we are limited to 4, but we will be hitting more with each new firmware update. The next big update is coming early next year (February most likely). By some point in the next year or so when we hit the “2.0” version of our Aspen Grove mesh protocol we expect to be hopping “infinitely” — that doesn’t mean in every situation, but in any situation where hopping very far is absolutely necessary, the mesh protocol will be able to do it.

We’re just walking before we run. There’s a reason no one’s even been able to do what we can today — because it’s really hard~ :slight_smile:

New range record 47.4 miles!

Thank you, Daniela. I would like to leave a dedicated node at my house in unpaired state. I don’t believe that an unpaired unit can have its firmware updated. Can I pair to the device, update the firmware, and then breakup nicely so that it’s back to unpaired state? Thanks for your response.


You can do exactly that :slight_smile:


I assume, then, to unpair gracefully the phone and gotenna mesh should both be on and connected to one another. When I upgraded from my gotenna v1 I unpaired from the older gotenna with the gotenna off, so I wasn’t sure if unpairing affected both, or was just for the benefit of the phone. Thanks again.


Looking forward to getting that fix in place. It really prevents ideal functionality when I have to keep opening the Gotenna application in order to check if I’ve received a message.I’m not sure the full range of the LED in the device, but if it would perhaps flash a different colour (not sure if it’s RGB or just R/W when a message is received and waiting, it would be at least a stopgap.)


Can someone draw up a network topology to help me better understand how the goTenna Plus service works?
(I prefer the technical version instead of the sales pitch version)

I think I understand but I want to make sure it is what I think it is. Thanks in advance.


Hi I think you must be specifically referring to the SMS network relay part of Plus. This has been discussed in various other threads previously — don’t hesitate to use search feature first to see if it’s been mentioned prior.

Here are relevant search results:


When I charge my goTenna Mesh and the app is running on my Android phone and connected, the app always alerts that the goTenna disconnected when the charging is complete. It then immediately re-connects. Is this normal? Those middle of the night alerts are not my fav.


@Patpat this is a known issue. A bug in the software from our Bluetooth chip vendor may force goTenna Mesh to loose Bluetooth connection occasionally. We are working closely with our vendor to resolve this. Watch out for a firmware update in the near future with a fix for this issue.


Hi @NoahgoTenna ,

Just curious, is there a user manual available for the mesh?

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


@perikeet Have you checked out our FAQ’s page -
and FAQ’s within the goTenna app?

If you need any info that is not available in our FAQs, feel free to post your questions here.


I was looking for something like pdf I could save for when I’m offline. I think my main thing was if there’s any difference to how long I hold the power button :joy:.

One issue I’ve noticed is my unit doesn’t seem to reach 100% charge, it stops it the high 90s. Do I just need to charge it longer? Then the power goes down quicker at first, then in the 80s it slows down discharging. The 2nd unit that came with my set does reach 100% but I haven’t seen how quickly/slowly it discharges.



Hello beautiful mesh world! :heart_eyes:

My name is Virginia! I’m goTenna’s new product support guru! If you have any questions or need anything at all, let me know!