Need goTenna Mesh product support? I am here to help!


Hi Virginia!

Do you have a DXF file of the exterior (with or without strap)? I would like to 3d print some custom cases and expendable mock ups for projects.
See Car top mounting options


I have a question. If my gotenna mesh is off or is too far away and I unpair it from the app, how can it learn that it is now “single”? Must they be connected at the time to properly unpair?

When I unpaired my old gotenna it was off and the app allowed me to unpair. I’m a bit confused. Thanks.


I’m asking around to see if we have this for you!


That’s a great question! If the goTenna Mesh is off or too far away, you can still unpair it for your current device. The unit itself can then be paired with another device in range.

When it is unpaired from the original device, it “forgets it”, so to speak.


If I’m paired to both devices, won’t they both save my messages? Doesn’t the device need to be told somehow that you’ve unpaired?


Are you asking, if you have one at work and one at home will it save at both places and update upon arrival when the phone reconnects and loads the messages?

I have paired my phone to different goTenna meshes and the chat kept the messages on the phone, but a generic gID assignment should wipe the old messages (on the gotenna mesh) upon connection and the chat session would need to be reestablished with the new gID. Registered gID should keep your messages synced and allow this. That is a good question!



If a gotenna mesh is in relay mode it will behave the same way whether it’s paired or not, right? I’m concerned that a paired gotenna mesh won’t relay my messages and they’ll stop dead there if it thinks that it’s the intended recipient.


When you set up a goTenna Mesh in relay mode, it will unpair automatically to relay messages!


Your messages are stored in the app on your device, not the goTenna Mesh unit. If you’re using a different goTenna Mesh, you’ll still have your chat history.


On Sunday we had several mesh units out in the field.
My mesh unit connected to an Amazon Fire tablet required multiple restarts of both the tablet and the goTenna over the course of a couple of hours once we deployed. I had the app open and was watching it when it disconnected the second (or possibly 3rd) time.
Usually it remains connected and only if one of the devices runs out of power do I need to cycle the other one.
Another gotenna connected to an android phone also required a restart of both the device and the phone to reconnect.
Are there still disconnect issues going on with Android?


@LAFD_CERT_Battalion2 Yes, we are aware of bluetooth disconnects on certain Android versions, while the app is in the background. We are exploring a fix for this.


One of the disconnects happened while I had the app open and was watching it.


Sorry, I still do not understand where it is possibe to place new question when something does not work. I hoped that there is comunity forum for that here, but can not find it.

I have received 4 gotenna mesh for evaluation, as I am radio and ICT technician within a disaster relive org.

I started with taking my samsung S5mini , android 5.1, and connect it with one of the devices.
I tried to leave it to the app, which freshly installed from google.
This failed however.
Later I tried to pair it ‘manually’ from the android menu. This did work, however the app does not recognise it and tries still to pair.
I tried decouple and connect other one device, but no luck. None of the 4 devices will connect.

I spent hours with it now, so I am going to send it back as of no use, helpf me to connect somehow, so I can at least see what is all this for.


Hi! I’m going to send you a message with some help to get you set up!


Hi Noah,
Ask the circuit design engineer if when cutting loose the fractal antenna and adding an external antenna, should the center conductor of the coax be soldered on the fractal side of the capacitor(C50 left in the circuit) or should the capacitor be removed and or jumpered across with a solder blob? The external antenna has a 50 ohm impedance. Thanks…


I am also curious about which side of the capacitor to solder to. As where is the best location to solder the shielding.



I’m having to use Twinkie cases without a goTenna slt file. :yum:

First world problems!



TBH - I think the Twinkie Coffin is a great choice!

p.s. I grew up 10 minutes from the Twinkie factory. #ama


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