Need goTenna Mesh product support? I am here to help!


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My app (android, Samsung tablet) tells me “Firmware Update Success!” about a dozen times a day. Could that be curbed?


@bkchi we believe this is a bug in the Android OS. Can you try re-starting your tablet?


Good news. I rebooted my tablet this morning and haven’t seen the notification since. Nice.


The good old reboot and fix trick :wink:


If one pays for the goTenna Plus product does the registration remain with the phone/tablet or is it tied to the goTenna itself? I want to be able to share a pool of goTennas with a team, but not all will need the Plus level service. I also want to pair and update a set of goTennas. Also - relays.

if one removes all personal data from the phone app how does one tie back to the paid registration? is the key the GID, the Phone number, some hash? the use case here is when a user switches from Phone# to GID as an ID.

(11d later ) hello?


I’d like to delete old already read messages sitting in the app. How do I do that?


I have two questions around the auto-tune to RF frequencies and power.
1- Is the band selection in the GoTenna Mesh based on the GPS in the phone when starting the app the first time?
2- US & Canada (and unsupported countries) have 915MHz = 1W; Europe have 868MHz = 0,5 W; so what does Australia, New Zealand & Singapore have?

Thanks! Peter


The Plus subscription would be tied to either your apple or google account! You could login and use your Plus features from any device.

Transferring goTenna Plus subscription

To delete messages, you can press and hold from within the message. You can choose to delete a single, or all, messages in that thread.

From the main chat view, you can also swipe left and delete the entirety of the thread.


good to know. I plan on changing my ID from my cell phone’s # to the random GUID. hope that doesn’t mess up the google account registration


Does the app perhaps act differently on iPhones?


Seems we can delete a conversation by swiping left and selecting delete but I have not figured out how to delete a single message.


Yes. During use, if the phones location moves to a new region, the frequency bands used by goTenna Mesh, will get updated.

Australia/ NZ – ~915 MHz, 1 W
Singapore – ~868 MHz, 0.5 W


My mesh unpairs frequently. LG V30 sitting within 10 feet. Sometimes it reconnects by itself, other times I cycle the mesh and/or Bluetooth.


Hey guys cool product. After using my 1st gen devices for a couple of years (really helped hiking!), I just bought a few of the mesh devices (a stationary relay & 2 personal devices).

Quick question & a product suggestion.

  1. Is there a way to keep both my 1st gen & 2nd gen devices paired in the same app? Are there any ramifications of switching back and forth that I should be aware of (firmware/app compatibility etc)?

  2. It would be really neat and IMO encourage adoption if we could set our visibility to public / private, which would determine whether to show the user on the map. This would likely require some network pings and is beyond my very outdated network programming knowledge but again I think there’d be a ton of utility brought by it.



Just got an iPad mini 4 to replace my Amazon Fire tablet. It pairs to my goTenna (and another) without issue but I can’t ping my stationary node with the iPad mini.
If I reattach the goTenna back to the Fire, it pings fine.
I’ve tried assigning a random GID and my phone number and still can’t ping.

Any ideas?


@imjefe we have seen this issue on some devices dues to a bug in the Android phone’s Bluetooth FW.
Usually resetting your phones Network settings resolves this issue.
From your Phone’s settings -> Tap Backup & reset > Network settings reset > RESET SETTINGS > Reset Settings.


The app supports only 1 device at a time. However, you can easily switch devices within the app. From the Side Menu, click on Settings. Then click on Unpair to get started.

Thanks for sharing this! We will be working on syncing imeshyou with the app in the coming months. Will consider this feature.