Need goTenna Mesh product support? I am here to help!


Weird. Never seen this issue before.
Have you double checked if the GID you are trying to ping is correct?


Need to experiment a little more but I paired the second unit to my Fire and it was also unable to ping. I’m wondering if the Node is actually offline but for some reason the Fire with the original goTenna thought it could still ping it.
I am also able to ping back and forth between the iPad and the Fire.


You can pair both 1st and 2nd gen with the same app! However, both can’t be paired at the same time.


To build on that, I’d like the option for my device to show on the map anonomously (ie without having to include my GID).


This is already how it works! :slight_smile:


Cool! To confirm, when I travel to and from work each day, my gotenna will show up in the right area on the map without me having to do anything on my end?


Not sure if I misunderstood what you said first, but the point I was making was that your GID is not used on the map unless you change your no name to that.

Currently the map nodes do not update dynamically although that is a feature we are working on for this year.


Hi, quick question on switching to relay mode.

In the FAQ found here, under the section titled “How can I use goTenna Mesh as a relay node to increase range?”, there are a series of extensive steps to switch to relay mode (i.e., “Use randomly generated GID”). But the app on the phone simply says triple-press the power button.

There seems to be a discrepancy in the steps. Can you clarify?

Thanks, K.


@kerrydh08 please follow the instructions within the app. We will update the FAQ question on the website shortly.


[iOS App Request] @Rahul_Subramany

I would like to be able to copy the GID from my profile, so that I can paste it into a telegram/whatsapp app to handshake with a friend.

Background to this request: How do you add a new contact?


@Alanrick we are looking into adding this feature via the next update to the goTenna app. Stay tuned.


I just purchased 8 gotenna mesh did some tests must be missing something have the old first generation go Tenna could easily transmitted 2 miles these new Gotenna mesh seem to be good for about two blocks even using stand-alone relay must be missing something help!!!


Hello, is there a way to change the notification sound in iOS? I can change the receive chat sound and that works so long as the iPhone is unlocked and within the chat, but when I lock the phone and put it in my pocket “bubble pop” sound is hard to hear.


Seems to go away after a few days not sure why hang in there


@kjkapp have you tried changing sounds within the goTenna app?
From the Side Menu, click on Settings-> Sounds.


@Blair_shoemaker as discussed earlier, the persistent notification issue is due to an Android OS bug. Restarting your phone will fix this issue.


Yes I have, and that works as indicated in my first post as long as the phone is unlocked and in the app. But once the screen is locked the “bubble pop” notification sound is all that is heard when a new message is received.


@kjkapp which iOS version & device are you using? I was unable to reproduce this using an iPhone 6s, running iOS 11.1


I’m running 11.2.2 on my 6s+ using goTenna mesh.


I just tried on an older iOS device , sw ver 9.5, and it does the same. I change the received sound to “horn” and that new received sound works while the screen is unlocked and looking at the app, but lock the screen and a different quiet alert sound is made when receiving a new message.