Need goTenna Mesh product support? I am here to help!


@kjkapp have logged a bug for this. Will attempt to roll out a fix via the next app update. Thank you for your patience!


Sounds good, thank you!


Not sure where to post this.

I have one unit out of 4 units just received that will not pair. LED just blinks indefinitely and the app will not pair or if a new install, will give you the “having trouble” screen.

Would appreciate help sorting this out as we leave in a couple days for a trip and intended on having all four working (obvious, I know).



Glad to help with this! Sending you a DM :slight_smile:



I several (what should be simple) questions:

Gotenna Plus Licensing:

  • I have several apple and android devices, 4 goTenna(s) and 4 goTennaMesh(s). I think, as long as my apple devices are signed into my AppleId, or using family sharing, that one goTenna Plus subscription will be enabled on those apple devices. Is this correct, or do they all need to be signed into my individual AppleId?
  • I also have multiple Android devices, Asus 7 table, Nexus 5X and 6P phones. Do all the Android devices need to have the same google account (changing accounts wipes the phone AFAIK), or is there some other way to have goTenna Plus without paying for every Android device separately. I use these for hiking with groups, and I dont think I should be paying $10/year for every “smart" phone or tablet I may loan to other hikers in my hiking group.
  • Instead of individual subscriptions, have you considered license plans for small groups such as CERT, Hiking Clubs, Neighborhood Support Teams?

Contacts: On my iPhone6s (11.2.5), when I open contacts, goTenna pops up “Contacts are disabled” and asks me to enable them in phone settings, but in settings the goTenna app does not seem to have requested access. When I check settings for goTenna, there is no option to enable contacts access.

Emergency Messages: How do I send an emergency message. I see SHOUT, but not Emergency Shout. I read that Emergency messages will be meshed, but shouts will not. This could be important if hiking and others with goTennaMesh units are in the area.

Antenna orientation and range:

  • What is the best position and orientation to place the goTenna and goTennaMesh for optimum range. Does rotating either flat side toward the recipient help? I know that hanging it from my trekking poll and raising it over my head can help :slight_smile:
  • Do you have technical info on the radiation pattern for both units?

Battery capacity: What is the battery capacity of the goTenna and goTennaMesh in watt hours? If not known in watt hours, how about mAhr? This is to determine sizing for an external USB battery pack to provide multiple days of usage.



Hi Tom!

All great questions! Because the Plus subscription is associated with an Apple or Google Play account, each user who’d like to use the Plus features would need to have the Plus subscription activated through their accounts.

With regards to your iPhones contacts, this can happen when access to your contacts is denied through set up. The easiest way to reset this is to uninstall, then reinstall, the goTenna App and allow access to your contact within the set up flow.

To send an Emergency Message, take the following steps:

  1. Select ‘Settings’ from the Side Menu.
  2. Select ‘Emergency Settings’.
  3. Select ‘Emergency Chat’.
  4. Type your message.
  5. Tap ‘Send’.

It’s best to keep your goTenna attached to the highest possible point on your person to achieve the greatest range. Holding the goTenna in your hand will greatly affect its range, so we’d recommend keeping it attached to something like a backpack shoulder strap. You’d want to keep it oriented with the strap facing upward.

Battery capacity is ~550 mAH and we have information on the radiation pattern here!


I’ll add a bit of user experience on the battery capacity. I have several 8,000 mAh battery packs I use with my stationary nodes and with my test rig. They will run a goTenna mesh for about 8 days without solar panel supplementation (there is a small panel embedded on one side of these units), perhaps longer depending on any solar inputs.

It’s worth noting that the packs are labeled as 20,000 mAh, but were sold on the basis that they were 8,000 mAh, which itself may still not be entirely accurate. The rated number that Virginia provided for goTenna consupmtion is likely considerably more accurate than the battery pack labeling.

An additional note. It occurred to me why the math seemed so badly off still even with the corrected capacity numbers I thought I had. I was operating the battery pack in always-on mode. That consumes extra energy. If you use the battery pack for only direct charging, then you may get more uses from the pack than you would with always on.


I’ve got a 4 pack of Gotenna mesh and since we have pretty good cell service in most places, three of the four of them stay off and the fourth is in Relay Mode and powered up.

A few times we’ve pulled them out, charged them and then handed them out out friends for a group trip somewhere with no signal, only to find ( after installing the app and pairing up the Gotenna ) that the Gotenna wants a firmware update. Sadly, several of our friends have started this at the beginning of a trip ( while they still have data coverage ) only to discover that it takes 40 minutes or more and often several tries. This leaves them with a dead Gotenna for the trip. This has prevented us from using them a few times and I now have to remember to warn people to not update the Gotenna.

Last time we pulled them out my Gotenna reported it needed an update. I didn’t do it, but noted this so I could do them all when I had a spare half a day to mess around with it.

That day has arrived, only now my Gotenna isn’t asking for an update. Is there a way to force it to update, so I don’t have to keep trying in the hope it will eventually ask?

So, while we’re on the subject, can Gotenna look into a way to accomplish the firmware udpate a little more quickly? I’ve only got four units and this job takes me nearly 4 hours of screwing around to accomplish. Pair up the unit ( takes a few tries ) going through the signup. Wait until it asks you to update. Do the update, let it fail ( this seems to happen about 50% or more of the time ) do it again, 40+ minutes if it succeeds. Unpair the unit. Lather, rinse, repeat. It’s not something I need to devote a lot of concentration to for the whole time, but having to do this a few times a year literally wastes a half day or more of my time.
I can’t imagine the PITA this is for someone with eight or more.
Perhaps change how the client talks to the Gotenna ( just for updates ) to move data faster?

How about a special update mode or app? Maybe a program that does it from a computer, so power is available ( can’t easily run out while updating, so you could start with only 50% battery ) and USB data speeds are possible. It could be a standalone program so no changes to the phone app are needed and only folks that want to do large numbers of updates would need it.



For now, Bluetooth is how a firmware update is delivered, and that is the bottleneck. Maybe we’ll see USB firmware updates in the future.

Just so you know, up to this point, the firmware updates have been optional. They aren’t necessary yet for communications. They simply add features and are backwards compatible.

I’ve done updates on a few of mine. The process I use is to disable auto-lock on the phone (so the screen stays on), plug the mesh into power, set them side by side and let it go. To force the update prompt, you can either force close the app and re-open, or go into the Settings and pick update. It may be under the About section. Takes about 45 minutes total.

@Rahul_Subramany, is the firmware for the goTenna included in the app package, or does it get downloaded from the internet separately when an update is started?


There is no “update” function I can find. I can see the current version, but no way to force an update. I’ve had the GT and the phone sitting next to each other for most of an hour now and no update shows up.

If firmware updates are optional, maybe a setting to turn them off unless they’re really needed to connect with the network, or make it more clear in the update prompt that it’s optional and how long it will take? Because most of an hour per device ( longer if there’s a failure ) is just stupid and with four of these it starts to add up. I’ve been trying to get the first one of my set to update for over an hour now and I still have three to go.

GMRS radios don’t need updating and Beartooth updates a lot faster over BT than Gotenna, though they haven’t released an update in about 6 months, it’s the only similar device I have for comparison.

I’m pretty sure the firmware update is downloaded as needed, based on what I see when it updates, though I don’t know for sure.


What version number is showing?

I agree about the persistent notifications. I once had so many of them stacked up on my iPod that the screen around the message was totally blacked out.


Firmware version 0.13.48
Android app shows no updates pending.


That’s the latest firmware. It’s up to date.


Hi Eric,

Thanks for posting! It’s a bit odd that it’s taking 40+ minutes to complete the firmware update. I’m going to send you a DM with some more information on how you can complete the update more efficiently!


Hello Virginia,

We are now on our trip, and one of the phones is asking to do the setup over, not sure why…but now am faced with a new challenge! It requires a text to confirm a setup code - which we cannot receive! How can we setup this up without this??? Any more help would be appreciated.



Nevermind - :slight_smile: Forgot about the random code option. Figured it out.



Glad you got this! Enjoy your trip! Let us know how your Meshing goes!


@Eric_Udell Thanks for the feedback.
I agree FW updates take too long. We are going to make FW updates blazing fast via the next app/FW update . Do remember - these FW updates are completely optional. These FW versions are also backwards compatible with each other. So its ok if you choose to postpone an update.
You can check if your device has the latest FW and/or update FW via Settings->About.

FW is packaged with the app. An internet connection is not required to update FW.


Any tricks for a Mesh unit that won’t power on?

I left mine to charge last night and tried to turn it on today, only to find that it won’t power up. I can get the red lights when I plug in, but the power button does nothing.


This sounds a little odd! I’m sending you a DM to talk about your Mesh!