Need goTenna Mesh product support? I am here to help!


Suburbs I find are kind of hit and miss. I get about 0.7 mile range when I have my relay on the second floor and broadcasting over the neighborhood of mostly 2 story houses with attics. My range increases to about 2.5 miles as soon as I put the goTenna mesh into the peak of the attic at 3 stories. It really seems to depend on the construction material of the surrounding homes. 900Mhz is a high enough frequency that line-of-sight plays a role in performance.

If you purchased a 4 pack, it may be beneficial to put one of the “extra” units up in an attic and continue your neighborhood testing. As far as the cruise goes (and depending on the islands), you may see better performance as the islands may be less developed. There is always the option of leaving one in your cabin as a relay, or if you’re really lucky and the cabin balcony faces towards the island then you can have your own relay node placed quite high up on the ship, broadcasting for a large portion of the island.


I doubt there’s anything wrong with your units. If you get about 1/2 miles in low to medium density urban areas, that right in line with or a little better than my experience when directly linking with another GTM. If you get the right location on a good day line of sight has yielded ranges in excess of 60 miles on a case by case basis.

Fortunately, the goTenna Mesh comes with an inherent way to overcome the limitations of its 1 watt transmitter since you can set one to act as a relay, place it in an advantageously high location, and enjoy a substantial increase in range. This gives the advantage of providing a much more reliable link that is easy to repeat the performance of. I use our system (6 stationary relays) to reliably chat in the 2 to 3 mile range.

To beat that half mile GTM direct to GTM range consistently, except for a CB, you’d really need something requiring a ham or commercial radio license if a cell phone won’t work for your needs.


Ok. Today two issues.

  1. I was sending a friend messages. They were going through on my side. Received. Checkmark with a timestamp. He was not getting the messages though. It showed his phone could not find the GoTenna Mesh device. It was right there in the same room with him but the app was searching. It’s kind of weird that I get a confirmation that he received the messages I sent when he really didn’t. Is there a store and forward feature? If so, shouldn’t the app tell us if the message was actually received by the end user or if it is in a store and forward status? Whatsapp had this same problem in the early days so they fixed by having received by the server then transmitted to the end user and read / opened by end user.

  2. We did some testing in my building. I’m at 120 Broadway NYC. I was able to do two way comms from the 10th floor to the 2nd floor no problem. Went up to 30 and no problem. Pretty impressive. I went to 40 and stood by the door. I was sending but getting messages that they were not going through. Meanwhile, my buddy texts me SMS and says he is getting my messages. So, from my perspective they are not going through but he is really getting them. I also got one of his messages but most from him to me did not go through. Seems one way was working and the other wasn’t?

Sorry for the trouble. Really trying to learn and understand these things. :slight_smile:


  1. This can show up, but is rare. I don’t know what causes it, but they are working on the issue.

  2. Remember, this is a radio, not a wired connection. A few feet can make the difference in whether it’s received, confirmed or acknowledged otherwise When a message is confirmed, it must negotiate the path it took backwards, as well as forwards. If either sender or receiver moves during the process, things can be less than perfect. That’s one reason why the GTM tries to send a message twice, as this greatly improves the chance of navigating both going and coming back paths.

Don’t get discouraged. It takes practice to get the best results with any radio. On your home grounds, you’ll learn the best spots to transmit and those that are, ahem, difficult. Away from home, you can apply that specific knowledge to better generalize about the situations you find yourself in and greatly improve your results


Hey Fred, glad to help here.

  1. If the pairing between your goTenna Mesh and phone drops, your goTenna Mesh can still receive messages, since it’s associated with your GID. When you repair, you’d then receive those messages in-app. Currently, we don’t differentiate between delivered to the device and received in-app, though we’ve see that feature request here before and we’ve taken note of it!

  2. You’ll see message confirmations only if we’re sure the message was delivered. It’s likely the case that your message was sent > received > the path through which the message traveled changed/was obstructed before the confirmation could make it back to you. In this scenario, the message was delivered but the confirmation couldn’t make it back to you. In short, it’s entirely possible that one pathway was more consistently clear than the other.


Thanks for the responses and the help. Any idea when the next upgrade is coming?


I think 5.0 was mentioned for sometime mid July which is coming up quickly.

My mistake, it could be any day now.


Correct! We’ll have an update on 5.0 VERY soon stay tuned…


My wife started to pair her mesh while I was updating my goTenna this morning. All of the other 3 goTennas seem fine but mine is not working now. What to do?
Thanks, matt


Hi matt,
Check the new 5.0 mesh thread or contact Virginia for further assistance. If you can check the serial number in Settings, you’ll likely find it’s AA12341234. If so, they hope to have a solution to that soon, perhaps as early as tomorrow (Monday).


Thank you for the info.


Update failure in the middle. The goTenne mesh keep flashing continuously after turned on and cannot reconnect to the android phone. Please help. Maurice


Send along DMs to help you (@mc1 and @mchiu) out!


Will Emergency SOS Beacon or Emergency Shout messages employ SMS relay to make best effort to get emergency message to nearby 911 or 3rd party Search and Rescue like GEOS?


The Emergency messages and emergency beacon messages do not relay via the SMS network. They will relay up to 6 hops.


Thank you for the prompt response. Are we 100% sure about this? If all n+1…n+6 devices have internet and phone access… an Emergency Shout or Emergency SOS Beacon will still NOT sms relay to 911?

Last question: as @MikeL has suggested, then the proper action to try to get help would be to: (1) signup for Gotenna Plus sms relay; (2) save your local hearing-impaired 911 sms number before your trip (or storm) and then (3) initiate a standard private gotenna message to that local 911 number and (4) include your gps location manually? If there’s anything you can do to make this more idiot-proof for future users, I’d appreciate it. We have a lot of elderly seniors here - and it’s hard enough explaining how to use Gotenna already :slight_smile:

I appreciate the response and earnest consideration. I’m sorry if I come off rude; it’s not my intention.

Check your 911 locations here:


Well, @MikeL has given a good recommendation.

As mentioned, these messages are NOT relayed via the SMS relay feature. Only goTenna Plus users have access to this feature. That said, if you wanted to ensure your message was sent via SMS relay, it would be best to initiate a private chat and send the message via SMS relay.

While having emergency message relay through the SMS network it’s an exciting suggestion, I’m not certain that we could accomodate it presently. Something to consider for future iterations of Mesh!


Indeed he does!
Ok. Thank you.
Just to be clear, the 6th node will discard the emergency message? (provided all 6 hops updated firmware)
But the 3rd node will discard the message if not firmware updated? Or still 6?

Is there any distinction as to RELAY-only Gotenna nodes versus user-monitored paired Gotenna nodes in the 6 hop calculation? For example, could I blow throw all 6 hops on RELAY only headless devices?


First, the number of hops will be dictated by the sender. If the sender is on 1.1.8 firmware, the message they send will have 6 hop capability.

From there, goTenna Mesh will intelligently create an efficient 6 hop path to an end recipient. This applies to 1-1 messages. You won’t be “wasting” hops on ill placed relay nodes or other paired devices within range.

For an emergency message, it will travel to all Mesh in range, and then to all Mesh within range of that Mesh, etc. for 6 hops. This doesn’t segment that a relay or paired device ought or ought not receive the message. Any goTenna Mesh with a GID associated (paired) would receive the transmission, assuming it’s with range, somewhere along the 6 hop path.


Thank you! Wonderful.
So, is there any benefit to climbing up the mountain to relays (installed pre-5.0) to update firmwares? Or we are good as long as our end users update their software and firmware?