Powder Mountain (UT) gets 14 powered stationary relay nodes


Powder Mountain, Utah is now fully Meshed!
We partnered with the mountain to place powered stationary relays at 14 locations throughout the resort. Mountain personnel joined me in testing goTenna Mesh throughout the resort. We found connectivity to very reliable throughout the resort.

In the coming months, we plan to work with the resort to integrate goTenna Mesh with the systems Ski Patrol uses to respond to emergencies (read USB SDK!). Ski Patrol is super excited about the location features goTenna Mesh offers - makes it very easy for Ski Patrol to pin point the location of a guest in distress.


Wow. The mesh is coming together !


Quick question are all these units setup in “Relay Mode” ?


@RogerOrange yes, they are in Relay Mode.


We are trying to do something similar for our emergency communications plan between three cities. What did you use for equipment (solar panels, batteries, etc.) There is no sense in reinventing something if you have already done it.



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The panel pictured above looks like the same 5 W Biolite panel that was used in the Mammoth Mountain Ski Area installation. Ther’s a thread about it further down the list here.

Here’s a link to it and the associated power bank:


Thanks for the quick reply.



Love seeing more of these installations at ski resorts. As someone (IT worker and ski patroller) interested in meshing a community, which includes a ski resort, I would be very interested to see how this holds up over time. My initial concerns would be

  • Panel security: The picture looks like it’s hanging from its kickstand. High winds (120km/h) are common for us above tree-line. Is this just MVP (minimum viable product) installation for for feasibility testing?
  • Riming: How resistant are the panels to riming as that stuff will cover just about anything and render the panel useless until it melts off (which could take days, or weeks). I’ve tried using super-hydro-phobic coatings on things before with limited success below freezing.
  • Operating temperatures. My own testing shows GTM to be almost inoperable at low temperatures around -10°C -15°C range, though this is off battery. Having a constant power supply may help, I’ve not tested this yet.

Thanks and keep us updated on progress!


Minimum/ Maximum operating temperatures are -4F and 140F, respectively.

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