Project MOAN: Mother of All Nodes


So I added up the cost of what I spent to make the GoTenna MOAN (DASS-RS) and it totaled: $214.52
I’ll post an itemized price list of what you need and links to where to get it ASAP.

A MOAN unit is not cheap, yet not to bad (for what you get out of it IMO).

I am going to dream up something less costly, build it and of course post it here as soon as I can.

Gotta get back to work now, however I’d like to thank everyone for being so supportive of this project. Mesh on!




Wow what a day! Finally had time to really put this thing to the test and all I can say is WOW.

Here are some pics of us Meshing and temp data from the other day. I just put the temp logger inside the unit to see how hot it gets inside the case over a 48 hour period of hot weather here in the Northwest and of course I’ll get that out to y’all! Coming up with a more simple DASS-RS / MOAN AND coming with out with a itemized price list with links! Oh and of course instructions on how to make one :slight_smile:

And as always: THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT! Y’all have been awesome and I look forward to getting this and more out! MESH ON!!!


The Parts List and Cost of a MOAN unit… @LAFD_CERT_Battalion2 @Piss_Christ @Matthew_Ellisor @Rahul_Subramany @Mark @jbowman90 @danielagotenna @Jin_Gotenna @andy_o

Items bought off amazon…

B and W Type 2000 Waterproof Outdoor Storage Case: $44.99

DZS Elec 2pcs RF Connecting Line RG316 High Frequency Wire Jumper 10cm Coaxial Cable Connector FPV Antenna Extender Cable SMA Male to SMA Female Adapter: $8.99

uxcell Silver Tone Straight N Male to UHF Female Coax Adapter Connector: $7.71

12-Volt Solar Panel Charger for 12V 8Ah Big Game Feeder Battery: $19.11

RGBSIGHT 40FT 18 Gauge Single Color LED Strip Extension Cable 18AWG 2pin 2 Color Red Black Stand Wire Conductor for LED Ribbon Lamp Tape Lighting (40 Feet per Spool): $12.99

Neiko 50413A Insulated Wire Terminals and Connectors Assortment with 3-in-1 Wire Stripper, Cutter and Crimper Tool | 175-Piece Set: $11.79

Generic Car Charger for with iPhone 5 - Non-Retail Packaging – White: $3.98

Custom Accessories 49997 12V Dual Cigarette Lighter Receptacle: $8.42

Solar Controller 10a 12v/24v Solar Charge Controller Yueton Solar Panel Battery Regulator Safe Protection: $9.99

Sealed Lead Acid Battery Charger UPG D1724: $8.85

EnerSys Genesis NP7-12 12V 7Ah Sealed Lead Acid Battery: $20.89

Items Bought Off eBay:

ANTENEX FG9023 G-902-928 3dB Gold Fiberglass Antenna 38448: $43.00

Items Bought At Home Depot:
Assorted nuts and bolts: $5
UV Resistant Silicone (clear): $8.99
Velcro: $7.49

Total: $222.50

And of course I’ll make a how to video as soon as I build another one of these! Likely for @LAFD_CERT_Battalion2 <—Awesome dude BTW and/or when I make another one for the Mesh community


@andy_o I am looking into this and already ordered some stuff to tinker with (small solar panels ECT). I’ll get back to you ASAP when I have something that is easy, cheap and works awesome!


Thanks. I’m learning as I go along so bear with me pls.

As someone mentioned above, the max EIRP allowable by the FCC is 36 dBm, do you know what’s the EIRP of the goTenna mesh out of the box? Your antenna is actually 5.15 dBi, if I’m not mistaken, so would it take that much higher gain to provide a worthwhile improvement?

I have found antennas like that but I was looking for something smaller, something like this but from a less sketchy source.


I ordered smaller solar panels and need to do some R&D on how to not over charger the unit without a solar controller OR find a mini one. Charge needs regulation. I am on it though!


Did some serious MOAN testing tonight and it went VERY well (range of 3.78 miles easy)! Videos and screen shots below, enjoy!!! @Rahul_Subramany @Jin_Gotenna @danielagotenna

Me talking for 5 min after testing (blah blah blah, but you might find it cool)…

How I configured and executed what I call a “Forced mesh test”…

Range of 3.78 miles (this was not the max but I need to get to bed soon!)


use a 5v linear voltage rgulator [7505]. connect to gotenna with micro usb


I’ve used it before and that’s where I’m planning to start


Don’t all these solar panels that they sell for charging phones come already with everything integrated? I think you can just plug it in, most if not all of them are solar panels/power banks, aren’t they?


7505 is quieter rf wise


36 dBm = 4 watts.

I think the ERP of Gotenna Mesh is 1 watt. However I wired in straight up to the amplifier bypassing a capacitor. More output that way.

dBi (IMO) is great but I go with dBd (The idea of an isotropic antenna is great however: “An isotropic radiator is a theoretical point source of electromagnetic or sound waves”. I deal with dBd due to it having a real life reference point). The antenna I got eBay, I don’t find it sketchy. I ran it through my antenna analyzer and the SWR was great across what it was designed for (902-928 Mhz). It also has 3 dBd of gain, thus doubling the power output of what is coming out of the unit. It was also designed for that frequency range and the antenna you have listed is not. The cons of that is having a poor SWR at the GoTenna Mesh frequency range (902-928 Mhz) could damage the unit and/or degrade performance. Only use an external antenna that is propose built for the 902-928 Mhz frequency range! Or else risk making your Mesh unit into a paperweight!!!

So lets say the ERP of my unit is 1.25 + 3 dBd of gain = 2.5 watts ERP and that = 34 dBm and that is below the FCC max of dBm. And really I am just some guy playing with radios, so do the FCC Part 15 rules and regulations apply to me? Maybe, maybe not. Ignorance is bliss.

Now when I put this on the next MOAN I’ll have 7.6913 watts of output. IMO, get kick ass coms up first, ask questions later (or never). Not trying to get an attitude or anything I just like to max out the performance of cool coms gear. I doubt the FCC would care if I put a MOAN up with the listed yagi somewhere on the PCT (Pacific Crest Trail) for long haul coms back to a more populated area or made some for my friends who do SAR whom run into reliable coms issues all the time. Like I said before: Get kick ass coms up first, ask questions later (or never) and hide your units well :smiley:


fcc rules apply, to everybody. If the antenna / radio combination interferes with other equipment, they can and sometimes enforce them.


Not always, I have bought some that did not even have blocking diodes. So if you charged a battery, at night it would drain the battery.


@andy_o I do like the idea of a smaller MOAN type node and am coming with something in the near future that’s small, solar and with a smaller omnidirectional antenna (hopefully one with a ton of gain!).

At the end of the day I am just trying to make GoTenna Mesh a real tool for people if the grid goes down for whatever reason. I’ve been deployed to real disasters and if you can’t communicate with your loved ones, well that’s a very scary thing something I saw first hand while deployed with the Red Cross in Joplin Missouri back in 2011. It was the deadliest tornado to strike the US since 1947. I was boots on the ground less than 30 hours of it happening and what I saw totally made me appreciate communications to a degree I find hard to put into words.

Why GoTenna Mesh to me is so amazing is that allows reliable communications from the ground up NOT relying on any of the top down infrastructure (cell phones, landlines, internet ETC). Hell even amateur radio to most people is hard to learn and understand! However with GoTenna Mesh all you need is a smart phone and a Gotenna Mesh unit and you have a device that has a TON of potential. Not just that, GoTenna Mesh/the GoTenna app are super easy to use, everyone has a smartphone and of course know how to use it! Being an extra class / VE ham is cool and all BUT GoTenna Mesh is a real tool anyone can use, IMO it’s a total game changer.

What my vision is that enough people come out with MOAN type units across the county so if and when something happens (god forbid) people can communicate with their loved ones, get help, and have piece of mind. A vision without action is only a dream, I am not a dreamer. I am an action guy. So lets do this!

“People powered communications baby, we are the network!”:heart:

-George Alex Ure II


I agree about sticking to the rules. I just get a little excited about radio communications. I am sure I can find a 902-928 yagi with less gain.


PM me so we can collaborate on this project.


Got both my friends get their units (from me) so we were meshing one-to-one like a champ and group meshing also! HECK YEAH!


The next antenna I get for my MOAN, just like the one I have now: Just twice the gain! I :heart: dB’s. 96" of Mesh awesomeness.


I have learned sooooooo much from this awesome project! I hope to help everyone learn more along the way :heart: