Range testing results update


Agreed about drones. The relatively short flight time of typical quadcopter drones severely limits their usefulness for nodes. But, as you say, balloons may be useful. How about a ground-tethered balloon of the sort that various retail establishments use to advertise sales?


The short flight times of most quadcopter drones make fixed wing UAS a better choice for any need for persistent capabilities, like supporting a stationary relay node.

However, quadcopters possess real advantages for building node networks in several specific areas. Their VTOL capabilities make them easier to fly at proposed sites. Quadcopters can hold a set altitude and position pretty closely, making it easier to get good data on the suitability of a site and antenna height.


Hi, Just got my new Mesh pair. I tried using it on a canyon hike. At 0.5 miles, I couldn’t get a message thru, until I hiked 50 feet up the hillside. Besides going up, are there any other tricks to better connections in a canyon?


As with any uhf radio system altitude and line of sight produce better results. Also keeping the unit away from your body will help.