Salt Lake City, Utah


Hello goTenna Mesh users in the Salt Lake County/Utah County area.

I would love to hear of anyone willing to leave their goTenna on all the time or setup a permanent relay node on.

I plan to leave my goTenna’s on 24/7 - one in South Jordan area and one in Cottonwood Heights area (except when I take them camping).

Anyone else in the South Jordan area willing to leave yours on 24/7?



Mine is nearly always on, but travels with me between sandy and the U. Does anyone use the Shout feature? I haven’t gotten any shouts.


Hey SLC! You might consider doing something like what some Meshers in Seattle are testing out:


Hey BBrew,

My GID is 1801 8718 371 I work in the OLD MILL area.

Try to send me a message or shout when you drive by the 215 bend.



If you are in South Jordan near 102 South and 4000 West (near the Firestation and Daybreak) try to send me a Shout or 1 to 1 message. My GID is 1801 8718 371


I am in Highland and have two gotennas. Both are always on. One is stationary and in relay mode, the other is on and travels with me.
We are building a mesh net in Highland, Alpine and Cedar Hills. It is getting fun!


That is great I have two antennas and keep them both in relay mode most of the time. One in South Jordan and the other in the Old Mill / Cottonwood area