San Francisco / Bay area


Thanks for the response! I’ve been unable to search for Sunil ridge on google, where is that located? I’ve only been able to get about 0.6 miles point to point on the ground in San Jose with some structures in the way. Recently I attached a Gotenna in relay mode to my drone and flew it directly up to 400 feet, attempted to node hop to another one 1.3 miles away at the same elevation failed for me unfortunately. I’m unsure if I did something wrong there but I’ll attempt a higher flight ceiling sometime later. It seems the MOAN is the only tested and proven method to increase range paired with high elevation but it seems that project is delayed due to changes in goTenna mesh hardware. I’m definitely super excited about the mesh network concept though!


Hey lucent,

You’ve been bitten by the bug. Congratulations! :slight_smile:

You can’t find Sunil ridge because it doesn’t exist. Oops! Look for “Sunol Peak” instead.

I agree about MOAN extending range significantly. It is flirting with danger as the FCC would have a few things to say about it. What they’ve done is turned a part 95 FCC device and hacked it to be more like a goTenna Pro.

The goTenna Pro is what happens when you can play by different rules. The Pro has 8-10 times the power, 220mhz and 440 mhz bands frequencies that passes through obstructions much easier, and a removable antenna. It’s as if someone put a wishlist together for the Mesh, waved a wand, and had all their wishes answered.

But enough about the Pro - We can still do the same with Meshes, but it will just require more of them in strategic spots. We’ll need to determine reliable real-world distances and work our way back from there. I’ll see what I can draft together as a proposal, and and get a group together to make it happen. I need to find how the Mammoth team made it happen.


Has anyone in the SF Bay Area made any progress installing gotennas on mountain tops around the region?


We have one over on the slowcoast, above Pescadero.
Reaches to Highway 1 by the turn into Pescadero, and some of the state park.
LOS to various parts of the Pescadero / Butano watershed.


If you’re in the SF Bay area get in touch with Dan Hedl. He’s organizing a goTenna meetup in SF:

One of the goals will be to test our TxTenna for sending Bitcoin transactions.