Seattle, Washington, A goTenna Mesh Ambassador City!


Just bought 2 pairs and trying to connect between Eastlake to Capitol Hill. I even set up a wall powered relay on a 4 story building. My current experience is that the range is really short, less than a quarter mile. The node map is pretty much useless because it’s not real time information and self appointed data. Is my experience different from yours? Please share before I return this product.



Sorry to hear that your range experience has been less than average. goTenna Mesh range is usually 0.5 - 1 mile in congested environments and 3-5 miles in open environments. With the 6 hops our beta users have now, this will extend the range much further.

I see that there are a few nodes between Eastlake and Capitol Hill but these might not be sufficient enough to relay the messages or they could be turned off.

@gua742 is our current Mesh Ambassador for Seattle. He has done some great testing in the past and I’m sure could do some testing with you now to try and strategically place nodes in between Eastlake and Capitol Hill. Feel free to DM him to set something up!


Hi Danielle,

Thank you for the response. I really wanted this to work because we are looking for a back up communication device between our Long Term Care pharmacy and the nursing home facilities that we serve. However even after purchasing and spreading out 8 nodes the topography and density of Seattle doesn’t allow it to be effective. We will be returning the devices and look for another solution.

Thank you,


Great interview with @gua742 today for In The Mesh about his plans to make Seattle the “Mother of All Mesh Networks!"


Is the MOAN currently operational? I’m trying to send a test message and connect from West Seattle (Gatewood), but I’m not getting through. Tuesday 11/27/18 at 11 am.