So now I have 6 GTMs and need a better way to charge


Anyone else have 4 or more GTMs and need a better way to charge them all?
I found this cable that would do one USB to 3 Micro USB. Wish there was a cable that would do more.


I found these on amazon:

6 port USB wall charger

6 port USB car charger


Those make more sense. More power to each port vs splitting it up to and overloading one USB port.


I strongly suggest a multiport hub and not a splitter cable. Look for ones which usb bitcoin miners use, or a multiport phone charger. I do not know what the max charging current for a GTM is, but they probably take the standard current and not a Quick Charge.


see here


I kinda wish there was some type of cradle that I could sit them all in vs having a cable to connect to each one. Maybe in a future design…


Or even better wireless charging?