Gotenna carrying case?


With the number of allowable hops poised to rise in the next couple of months, it is more likely that many of us will carry more than one Gotenna on treks into the wilderness. And it would certainly be nice to have a case for them rather than simply having them get beat up rattling around in a backpack. Are there any plans to make a protective case for extra Gotennas?


I have a suggestion on this, pending a custom made case. Something called a “tool roll” might be just what’s needed. It’s a roll up pouch with little pockets that your tools slide into, then you roll it up and tie it for safekeeping. takes up minimal space. GoTennas could fit neatly in each pocket. Carharrt offers one that looks like it will work well for about $25 list, with Amazon and others carrying it. Saw others that were similar even cheaper.


We don’t currently have plans for this but I think there’s probably several diy options that would be easier than custom cases. @bbwr10coqsm’s idea is good! :slight_smile:


This is easy. I use the molly case that I used in the Army to carry my radio. Gotenna fits perfect. You attach to your pack using a carabiner, use the molly straps to attach directly to pack or use the belt straps. Available online from retailers that carry military surplus. Radio size I used is appx 4" x 3". Places like Sportsman Guide, etc. Cost only a few dollars.


I carry 2 in a Lowepro Phone Case 20, it attaches to my backpack with molle strap.


I can confirm that attaching goTenna Mesh to any MOLLE gear works really well. If you don’t know what that is see here:

Looks all military and whatnot but lots of outdoor gear has this stuff, just walk over to your local REI or such!


I like the tool roll idea. You fit multiple Gotenna Mesh devices, as well as a powerbank to keep them all topped off while stored.

Related - Does anyone know where I can find a good solar tool roll? :wink: