goTenna Flip phone?


I’m not sure how to categorize this, feedback welcome.

Perhaps I’m crazy, but would anyone have interest in goTenna Mesh compatibility with flip phones, or a flip phone with Mesh hardware built-in?

Ideally, I’m picturing something like the Motorola KRZR that either has native or SDK support for goTenna Mesh communications. It would have access to 3g networks for calling and SMS, but also have a way to talk to GT Mesh units. Since 3g phones have a GPS chip in them, map/location functionality should even be possible. Not to mention, the best features of a flip phone are durability and multi-day battery life.

I thought I found the perfect compromise with Tracfone’s Android flip phone (the ZTE Cymbal-T), but to have a large enough screen to make Android usable, the phone is so unwieldy that it is laughable. That, and the battery life is shorter than my iPhone 5s.

Currently, the only things holding me from going back to a flip phone are mesh compatibility and a decent camera. I’m curious if anyone else is in the same boat.


I had a device called a Peek. All it did was email and text messaging. I had weather emailed to me and I set up news to come in. I could go back to something like that as my primary device if they hadn’t stopped supporting them.

My ideal device would probably include an eink screen, a camera, voice recorder, and the ability to play music/audiobooks. I like my large screens and lots of features but I don’t need to carry that stuff everywhere.

I’ve been thinking about a Gotenna in a Pager style box with a small screen. Perhaps have some canned responses and the ability to pair with a phone when needed.